National Eisteddfod of Wales - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 3rd/4th August 2013, Denbigh

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  1. stopher

    stopher Member

    Have just found the list of entrants for the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol which is this year being held in Denbigh over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th August. I believe the adjudicators for both days are Nigel Seaman and Tom Davoren and that this will be live on S4C digital (S4C Digidol)

    Pob lwc i Pawb!

    Section 4 - 3rd August - Own choice for no longer than 15 minutes and with a minimum of three items.

    Menai Bridge Band
    Rhyl Silver Band
    Oakeley Silver Band
    Nantlle Valley Band
    Abergynolwyn Silver Band
    Ystradgynlais Public Band
    Ebbw Valley Band
    Holywell Band
    Deeside Silver Band

    Section 3 - Own choice for no longer than 15 minutes and with a minimum of three items.

    RAF St Athan

    Section 2 - Own choice for no longer than 15 minutes and with a minimum of three items.

    RAF St Athan Band
    Crwbin Silver Band
    Cardiff City Band (Melingriffith 2)

    Championship and Section 1 Combined

    Llanrug Band
    Cardiff City Band (Melingriffith 1)
    Deiniolen Silver Band
  2. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    It's a shame that there are not more South Wales bands travelling.
  3. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    There are almost as many South Wales bands as North Wales bands on the list!
    As this seemingly annual conversation usually goes on to say, lots of bands (particularly lower section) struggle to get a good contesting band out at this time of year as there are a large proportion of young people (surely a good thing!!) on school holidays, as well as players with school aged children or who work in schools. Some organisations are larger and have 'spares' to fill in missing seats at this time of year (which is great!), but others don't and don't like to rely on borrowed players.
    Good luck to all competing- it's always a great watch on S4C and I've really enjoyed participating in it it the past :)
  4. Cantonian

    Cantonian Active Member

    five of fifteen?
  5. stopher

    stopher Member

    5/15 - That's not bad I think but it it is worrying that the fourth section has more bands than the championship/1st section, 2nd section and 3rd section combined and that there is only one band in section 3 ( I don't think there are any 3rd section bands in the North currently!)
  6. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    No, 6, actually- Melingriffith 1, Melingriffith 2, RAF St Athan, Crwbin, Ebbw Valley and Ystradgynlais- unless the map of Wales has changed recently!! ie 6 SW v 9 NW, so not THAT much of a difference really!
  7. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    PS - It makes sense that when the Eisteddfod is in North Wales there will be more NW bands and vice versa. Last year, when it was held in South Wales, 17 out of 21 bands (in my calculation) were from South Wales.......
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  8. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    What is the criterion for entry to the Eisteddfod? Must a band be Welsh? I see from their website that they are encouraging English-speaking visitors in the name of making a greater profit out of it - does that extend to competitors?

    Not that we are looking for a contest in August (having a hard enough time filling all the seats for an hour's blowing in a riverside pub garden the same afternoon!), just curious.
  9. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    Never really thought about it, but I can't imagine English bands would be discouraged. I'm not a Welsh speaker and have competed in bands where none speaks Welsh and it was fine :) Worth finding out I guess, the more the merrier!
  10. stopher

    stopher Member

    I believe that the criterion is the band must be based in Wales but I believe that this was not always the case - apparently Brighouse competed many years ago but how true this is, I don't know
  11. Val

    Val Member

    Good luck to my old band Rhyl Silver:clap:
  12. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Brighouse did compete in the 1960s ( ? 1964) when the prize was increased to £1000, a massive sum of money in those days.
    The set test piece was "Owain Glyndwr". There was a bit of a rumpus in West Yorkshire when Brighouse did not win this mighty pot. I seem to recall that 1st Prize went to a local band, possibly Pontardulais. I think B&R were the only non Welsh competing band.

    ~ Mr Wilx
  13. Mello

    Mello Active Member

    Congratulations to the Welsh for their support of Bands.....I watched the Eisteddfod today , and really enjoyed it. The only slight criticism I have , is that the SC4 Subtitling was a little adrift, but this did nothing to spoil the enjoyment of the programme. I also watched on Live Stream , but went back to TV and recorded the whole day, so I could F/forward at will. I thought all the bands did very well and the format was good. No attempt to ridicule or play down the movement, it was exactly as it is, and so much the better for it. Congratulations to all ....what a pity the English TV does nothing by comparison. I am setting my recorder for tomorrows events which I am sure will be equally as good .
  14. Backrowmike

    Backrowmike Member

    Nice to see the third section on S4C, Mello is right about it being a pity that English TV doesn't do anything for this side of Offas Dyke.
  15. Mello

    Mello Active Member

    Today , was yet another great day for Band Fans......congratulations to Deniolen and their MD , who came 1st, BUT again many Congratulations to the Welsh .Just wish English TV would take something similar on board......but unlikely I'm afraid.
  16. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Could some kind "tmper" tell us the programmes the bands played please.
  17. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Don't know about the others, but our (Deiniolen) winning programme from yesterday's Championship First Section was:

    1. ‘Henffych y Ddraig’ – J. Parkinson arr Gwyn Evans
    2. ‘Lament’ from 'Stabat Mater' – Karl Jenkins arr Andrew Wainwright and Robert Childs
    Baritone Soloist: Urien Sion Huws
    3. ‘Caravan’ – Duke Ellington arr Steve Sykes
    4. ‘Lady Stewart’s Air’ – Peter Graham
    5. ‘Dundonnell’ from ‘Hymn of the Highlands’ – Philip Sparke
  18. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    I also recorded both days and have watched most of the bands - but that tune was really bugging me, I knew I'd played it but the name didn't ring a bell. It was a piece commissioned by David King for Brighouse. I eventually realised it's also included in Peter Graham's The Journal Of Phileas Fogg which we've been playing most of this year.
  19. stopher

    stopher Member

    Porthaethwy Menai Bridge were the 1st band on in section 4, coming 3rd overall behind ebbw valley and Oakley bands.

    1. Fanfare from Vivat Regina, William Mathias
    2. Big spender- flugel soloist Charlotte Green
    3. Cantilena by P Sparke
    4. Vitae Lux - Aagard-Neilson
    5. Berne Patrol arr Howarth

    Had fun when we got told the day before that they had moved the contest 30 mins forward! Also, S4C only showed only part of each band's slot- what was all that about?
  20. baritoneosh

    baritoneosh Member

    [Also, S4C only showed only part of each band's slot- what was all that about?]

    S4C have done this for a couple of years now, and it's a shame that all performances are not covered fully on the telly. They used to have a seperate channel S4C 2 which used to have "sedd yn y pafiliwn" (Seat at the pavilion) which let people who wanted to see the competing watch it without a single interruption. Luckily as I was watching the coverage over the internet on the weekend I realized that BBC website for the Eisteddfod gives uninterrupted coverage of all competitions which are on stage. So got to see the Championship Section straight through without going back and forth to the studio, and no adverts!!

    I must congratulate my band Deiniolen for a superb performance on Sunday and many congratulations to Lois Eifion for conducting the band to a massive win on her first outing at a comp. What an achievement! Hopefully many more to come!!!

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