National Eisteddfod of Wales - 4th/5th August

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by stotty74, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Ok, so as it's now only 3 weeks until this event, what are bands are entering?

    Northop are going, and i was told Wrexham and Beaumaris are also entering, but who else?

    My Welsh is not very good, but looking at the programme it looks like Sections 2 - 4 are on the 4th August and Section 1 is the 5th August. Does this mean there are loads of bands from down South travelling up for the Sunday contest so they had to have it separately;-)
  2. jamieow

    jamieow Member

    Wrexham are going for deffo.
  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member


    Deiniolen are going as well, so that leaves one band, who are indeed from the South, as the fifth and final entry for the 1st/Championship Section. ;)
  4. AngW

    AngW New Member

    Tylorstown Band will be there - Competing in Second Section
  5. Big Gav

    Big Gav Member

    Once again Welsh bands are not taking advantage of this great opportunity. The Eisteddfod is a fantastic event but the brass band competition is in trouble of being dropped if we don't have more bands taking part. Each band does get a grant, there is decent prize money and it's all live on SKY tv!! What more do bands want?! I think it's a disgrace that so few bands enter, especially from the Championship section. I don't buy the excuse about cost issues from these bands, it's just a matter of prioritising. When planning for the forthcoming years events how many bands discuss going?! I'm sure it's cheaper to go to the Eisteddfod than it is to go to Birmingham, London, Blackpool or the Europeans!!
    Come on everybody. As Welsh bandsmen and bandswomen surely there is no better way to convey our pride in our Welshness than by supporting the Eisteddfod.

    As the saying goes "Use it, or lose it!"
  6. tinytimp

    tinytimp Member

    Well said Gav.

    Although saying that we're (Burry Port) not going now - we had intended to but the committee changed their minds. Not being on that anymore I can't tell you why.

    It's a fantastic contest - doesn't have the pressure that some contests do and it gives the 1st section bands the chance to compete against Champ ones. It must confuse the lay audience with the closed adjudication system but I'm sure they're used to it by now!

    So pob lwc to all the bands competing (good to see Beaumaris back), I'll be watching on S4C Digidol :tup
  7. Deano

    Deano Member

    I think one of the main reasons band's do not support it is because of the time of year. I know my band would love to attend but we tend to have a lot of people on holidays around the end of July / beginning of August.
  8. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    You do know you're allowed up to 5 day transfers? At least I think it's 5...... :confused:
  9. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Having shelled out for a freeview box I was kind of vaguely hoping I could watch it this year (and cheer for Northop - best of luck guys), but S4C doesn't seem to be available on my box - is it available UK wide on digital or only in Wales? If it's UK wide, any idea how I can receive it? Or is it available on t'internet?
  10. jim

    jim Member

    And last year thay let me as a welshman (although english registerd play) always really enjoued it.

    Im not sure if that was legal last year or not!!!!!

    so shhh!
  11. Big Gav

    Big Gav Member

    Just a quick one_ How many bands have included a Welsh item in their programme? I know there isn't an official rule on this but I discussed this with officials last year and they seemed to be for it. What do you think? Should programmes contain at least one Welsh item?
  12. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    We have a Welsh piece in our programme if you are including music by Welsh composers.
  13. stopher

    stopher Member

    Menai Bridge are going. We've got one item by a Welsh composer who didn't live a million miles away from the bandroom!

    Like the big man said, can't understand why more bands don't go, especially when there is a big chunk paid towards travel expenses, you can borrow up to 5 (thanks to those who are helping us out) and its massive publicity - well, how many times does a band compete on national tv (could be a cross between X factor and Big Brother!)

    Would just like to wish Menai Bridge well - its the first contest in 10 years I'm not going to as I'm at a wedding so good luck to Arfon Owen (solo horn at Dyke and MD old boy) who is taking the band.
    Must admit, its not been the easiest of contest preparations at the moment with so many away on holiday or unable (or unwilling!!!) to do the contest!
  14. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    And soon-to-be-added to the tMP Prediction thingy!

    Oh, and Gav, we may have a Welsh item. ;)
  15. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Really?!?!?! Going to have to check out who wrote all our pieces ;-)

    So, are you back from Argentina now then or have you replied to this from Buenos Aires (or however you spell it);-)

    I think we should have to play at least one Welsh piece. Do the other competitions, etc. have any rules on performing Welsh music? And do the other competitors choose Welsh music aswell?
  16. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    It crops up every year, at least in the commentary privided off-stage, that people feel that a Welsh item should be included - and I for one agree 100% - I think as it stands now it's a bit of an unwritten rule, with most bands performing a Welsh item anyway.

    As for other competitions during the Festival, naturally all the recitation and solo singing contests are in Welsh, and most of the dance and instrumental groups perform to Welsh folk songs. However I'm not that sure that the instrumental solo and duet competitions do so - from what I've heard in the past they all seem to be going for the classicals.

    But as far as the bands are concerned, I agree with you and think it'd be good to enforce that one item in a programme of 15 or 20 minutes is of Welsh origin - it is a Welsh Culture Festival after all!
  17. Di

    Di Active Member

    The Eisteddfod has now been added, so predict away folks. :)
  18. del thomas

    del thomas New Member

    Newtown Silver will be there in the 2nd Section on saturday. agree wholeheartedly with Gav and Dyl, we have attended EVERY year for the past 12 years - I suppose it's the benefit of being right in the middle of Wales but a great day out with LIVE S4C coverage and publicity. No Welsh item for this year for the first time in years, American & Negro Spirituals for us. Pob Lwc i Chi gyd
  19. Val

    Val Member

    I know Rhyl are going - they have not managed to compete for some time purely due to only having half a band, but have made a really big effort to attend this year. I will miss being with them on the day, but will be watching on S4C (better reception here than in Rhyl!) and wish them all the best. At least there is a beer tent now to retreat to (typical - all the years I played and the field was 'dry'!

    Val - Ex Flugel Rhyl Silver
    Now exiled in South of France
  20. Di

    Di Active Member

    Now that the competition has been entered to the predictions, a full list of those entered can be found there. ;)

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