National Conductors Association Area Test Piece Workshop (Midlands)

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    Newstead Brass are proud to announce the annual National Conductors Association Area Test Piece Workshop (Midlands) will be held again at Newstead Welfare and Community Centre on Sunday 6th January 2007; this coming Sunday.

    The workshop consists of the regional test pieces from sections 2, 3 and 4. Workshops will be given by Newstead Brass under the baton's of Duncan Beckley and Walter Ritchie and commence at 11AM.

    Walter Ritchie will introduce the 4th Section test piece and Duncan Beckley will follow with the 3rd and 2nd Section test pieces.

    These workshops can be very useful, following my own participation over the last few years it has always been communicated that the workshops provide a great deal of help/advice to the bands; there are also points to raise questions/concerns in relation to the pieces.

    Everyone is welcome to come along, whether you be participating in the afforementioned sections contest or you just want to come along and listen to the pieces.

    Admission is free to members of the Association and £5 to non-members; refreshments will be provided.

    If you require any further details please contact Melanie Cooper on 079704900773.
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    Just a reminder that this event is going ahead this Sunday 6 January 2008.

    I have it on good authority that this workshop comes in handy come regionals, also, in light of the problems with erratas etc it might help you to come and raise your questions.

    Be nice to see as many there as possible.

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    yes I can only reiterate what Blake has said, I have found them both useful and interesting, I shall be there again this year;)