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    Can anyone help with info on the National Children's Brass Band?
    The only website I can find is years out of date. I tried emailing the address on the website but apart from any automated response had no reply.

    What sort of standard is required? How often to they meet? Who do I need to contact?

    Any info gratefully received
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  3. LizC

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    Thanks for the link. Will email for more info
  4. ronnie_the_lizard

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    On-line info about the band is indeed sparse.

    Philip Biggs is the contact, but his 'bandstand.demon' website seems to be down at the moment.

    The band holds auditions, with the standard expected to be grade 5 or higher but without any requirement for having passed the grades so you can audition 'for experience' even if only at a lower level.

    >>Contact details \ audition dates for the 2009 course, on 4BR<<

    The band has a 1wk summer course in Bromsgrove before the NYBBW course, with a concert at the end (so you've missed it this year), and this year the band is also appearing at the Brass festival at Bridgewater Hall early next month >see 4BR news report<.
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    Surprised that our national bands don't market themselves a bit more and that questions of this nature need to come through a fourm. I have just started a thread asking for info about the NYBBW.
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