National Championships Qualifiers - Third Section

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Di

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  2. beccawheeze2

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    Cubbington SIlver are really looking forward to it! See you there
  3. beccawheeze2

    beccawheeze2 Member

    Any idea when the test pieces will be announced?
  4. ophicliede

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    Chomping at the bit to look at the testpiece, hopefully it should be announced soon!
  5. Al

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    There'll be no bit left by the time the piece is announced.

    I would say a couple of weeks.
  6. Crofton are really looking forward to it too. I'm even looking forward to those intense rehearsals where our MD picks on the usual
  7. ophicliede

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    Fabulous choice for the competing bands in the 3rd Section and a great tribute to Goff who hasn't had the best of health in recent times. Can't wait for the finals.
  8. beccawheeze2

    beccawheeze2 Member

    Great piece, already in our library. Shame we didn't have the foresight to have a crack at it in the lull.
  9. ophicliede

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    Any one know of recordings of Oceans, unfortunately Desford recording no longer available?
  10. ophicliede

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    The Adjudicators for 3rd Section are Dr Bob Childs and Ray Farr.
  11. brassneck

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    Breeze Brass Band (from Japan) recorded it on their CD called 'Mercury'. Good recording of Damare's Cleopatra by Roger Webster on that one.
  12. killer

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    A week to go and i can hardly wait to splash that top C around the Harrogate conference centre, oh yes, and 4th bar of ......

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  13. just want to say good luck to the Royal Buckley Band for saturday :tup
  14. FeistyFlugel

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    You won't be on your own Killer.....Best of luck mate and to all SMB. Hoping for a great result for both of us representing the North of England. Come on!!!!!!
  15. jonmoss

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    Cheers Matty. Best of luck to Point of Ayr in the First Section from all of us !
  16. killer

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    Best of luck to you too mate and same to all at the North Skelton Band.

    Caged Tigers.
  17. ophicliede

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    Just been given the kiss of death on the 4barest predictions.
  18. robcav

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    Wishing all of you guys at North Skelton the very best of luck for the weekend. I'll be thinking of you.

  19. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Best of luck to all caged tigers at the weekend :D
  20. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    Thanks buddy. Not an easy piece for 3rd section, and some good bands in it this year. See predictions from 4bars:-

    1. Brunel Brass
    2. Dobcross
    3. Lostock Hall Memorial
    4. South Milford
    5. Garforth
    6. Crofton
    Dark Horse: Douglas Town

    I thought not been in the predictions would ease the pressure.........Phhhh maybe not:-o