National Championships Qualifiers - Fourth Section

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  1. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    1. St. Breward Silver, Derek Greenwood, West of England, 17
    2. Dronfield CMW, John Davis, Midlands, 7
    3. Rivington and Adlington, Malcolm Wilson, North West, 6
    4. Wantage Silver ‘B’, Danny Dullforce, London and Southern Counties, 13
    5. Fairfield (Buxton), Charles Kitchen, Midlands, 8
    6. Cheshire Constabulary, David Woollam, North West, 9

    Best instrumentalist: Solo horn, Rivington and Adlington

    Courtesy of 4BR

    Congratulations to "local rivals" Rivi on a superb 3rd place plus best soloist, and also well done to Cheshire Constabulary (with my old mate Rachel on flugel!) :clap:
  2. LynneW

    LynneW Member

    Well done Wantage, great result.
  3. tubbytuba

    tubbytuba Member

    A real big well done to St Breward,a fantastic result for a Cornish band,and to Kevin McKenzie who stood in to conduct(Camborne Towns M.D)
  4. Keith Lewis

    Keith Lewis Member

    Well done St Breward:clap::D

    I wish I was in the bar singing songs with you like the last time you went to the nats.
  5. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    Well done St Brewards.
  6. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Well done to L&SC Area bands in 4th Section, yesterday and 2nd section too!! Good results, especially Battle Town Band and Daisy Duck!!! No bunny ears this time I hope!! lol!!

    IYOUNG Member

    Well done to Danny and the folks at Wantage B - superb result!
  8. Heather17

    Heather17 Member

    I listened to most bands , seems its a case of the 'old guys' got the right winner and shuffled the rest to me ...............
  9. David Pegram

    David Pegram Member

    Fantastic result for Danny and Wantage many congrates
  10. MartinT

    MartinT Member

    Many thanks to all well-wishers, the band are very pleased (as anyone who was in the hall last night will have realised!)
  11. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    No bunny ears! I managed to get a mention on 4 Bars Rest without the aid of silly headgear!
  12. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    Well done St Brewards! :clap:

    They were staying in the same hotel as us. We all went for a traditional band curry but we were in the bar for a while when we got back and there was no singing!
  13. kierendinno

    kierendinno Member

    Just got back from Harrogate, what a weekend! Brilliantly organised and a fantastic venue. Well done to everyone who made it there; that's a major achievement in itself I think! Obviously, well done to the prizewinners. Fantastic weekend!! :D
  14. Elliebone

    Elliebone Member

    I agree. A superbly well organised contest - surprisingly relaxing to play at all things considered! Hope to get the chance to join in again next year!
  15. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    well done to our local rivals fairfield (buxton) what a result!! :)
  16. Well done to all those bands who got a placing. I heard that St Brewards was a really good performance. Also well done to local rivals Rivi who got a cracking 3rd place.

    We were quite disappointed with our position of 9th after putting on what we thought was quite a good performance. I heard some of the bands and was personally quite shocked by some of them.

    Obviously the fossils in the box didn't like something about it. Even the remarks didn't give away too much of a clue as to what they didn't like. You win some you lose some I suppose.
  17. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    Does anyone know if the recordings are still available of individual bands? I'm after a recording of Maltby's performance...can anyone help?

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