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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Mar 22, 2009.

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    Just like the really old days..

    So 20 bands have qualified for the RAH, but by my calculations, only 14 conductors...

    Are we going to 'celebrate' our brass band history by mirroring the contests from a hundred or so years ago when just a few men (William Rimmer, John Gladney, William Halliwell etc) conducted most of the competing bands.

    Given that Melvin White doubled up in the LSC championship, Mark Wilcockson in Midlands section 3 and possibly others, I think it would be quite interesting to see messrs Childs, Childs, Cutt, Gray and Porthouse appearing with multiple bands at the RAH..

    or should conductors who weren't quite good enough to get their own bands to the finals get the chance to conduct another band at the RAH (a player doing the same would be ineligible for their 'own' band the following regional) ...

    Can we expect an influx of european conductors this year (as well as / instead of players) ...

    ...or will the prizes go to a band and conductor who've worked together and built up a relationship over a long time ...

    ...what do others think?

    PS let's hear it for the 'resident' MDs :clap:
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