National Championships of Great Britain - Qualifying Bands - Fourth Section

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  1. Di

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    National Brass Band Championships

    Sunday 30th September, 2007

    International Conference Centre, Harrogate


  2. Col

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    The second Yorkshire Band is Innovate Skelmanthorpe B Band just to avoid confusion. The A band just missed out on the First Section finals when coming third at Bradford.
  3. Di

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    Ooops :redface: Thanks Col. I've made the correction.
  4. alangiff3

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    C'mon Amington :biggrin:
  5. Di

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  6. ccorlett7

    ccorlett7 New Member

    come on ramsey!!
  7. alangiff3

    alangiff3 Member

    Not long to go now :D bring it on!
  8. BandTaxi

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    Test Piece: Roman Triptych, Leigh Baker
    Adjudicators: Allan Ramsay & David Hirst
    Sunday 30th September
    Commences at 9.30am


    1. Formby, Louise Hough, 12, 180
    2. Amington, Wesley Kendrick, 11, 179
    3. Skelmanthorpe B, Phil Garlick, 9, 178
    4. St Brewards, Garry Lannie, 4, 177
    5. Crofton Silver, Malcolm Simpson MBE, 10, 176
    6. Flookburgh, John Iveson, 5, 175
    7. Hungerford Town, Tim Crouter, 2, 174
    8. Pendennis, Steve Thomas, 14, 173
    9. Chalgrove, Michael Pegram, 19, 172
    10. Newstead Youth, Paul Whyley, 15, 171
    11. Buckhaven & Methil, Bob McDonald, 18, 170
    12. Uppermill, A. Widdop, 13, 169
    13. Cubbington, Paul Johnson, 17, 168
    14. Marske, A. Prest, 20, 167
    15. Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Glyn Rhys Davies, 3, 166
    16. Ramsey Town, R. Quane, 1, 165
    17. Cross Keys, K. Bowden, 8, 164
    18. Bream Silver, Huw Cole, 7, 163
    19. Great Yarmouth, Stuart Philpot, 6, 162
    20. Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's), J. Tonner, 16, 161

    Soloist: Formby - Michael Jackson - Euph

    Courtesy of
  9. robcav

    robcav Member

    Massive congratulations to Skelmanthorpe B Band and Phil Garlick on coming third. I'm really annoyed that I couldn't be there to hear you. Well done Paula - first one under the belt.
  10. Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith Member

    congrats to all at Skelmanthorpe B and Phil.

    Have just spoken to Pete Noble.

    Enjoy the night !!!
  11. paddo

    paddo Member

    well done guys and gals, hard work pays off. Great result,
  12. Owen

    Owen Member

    Many congratulations to Skelmanthorpe B Band, it was a great performance and well deserved!

    Well done to Barney for helping out Crofton on his contest debut - playing a test piece twice on the day is quite a feat!
  13. blasterbates

    blasterbates Member

    Hear hear! The shed-builders had my vote for "star player" as well - but you're all stars - well done to you all on your National Finals debut! :clap: :clap:
  14. JR

    JR Member

    I second that! - percussion were doing a great job in rehearsals
    Very well done to t'B band
    Onwards and upwards

  15. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    Well done to all at Formby, from a former Ainsdale resident.
  16. Well done to all the bands in the championship, as was said on the day, all bands should be congratulated as we were all champions to be at Harrogate at all.

    Our 9th place was just about what we deserved so again congrats to all especially Formby, I didn't hear you, but from all accounts you deserved it
  17. beccawheeze2

    beccawheeze2 Member

    Congratulations to all the bands who were in the prizes. Hopefully that'll be us next year!
  18. gybrass3

    gybrass3 New Member

    Great Yarmouth's coach was depressing on the way home but the ironic thing is we came last the previous time we got entered into the finals and that was in Dundee! We have been promoted to 3rd section no matter what our result was last weekend!
  19. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Can anyone tell me who made the recordings at Harrogate?I have forgotten.
  20. Just to offer my congratulations to all of the prize winners - well done!

    What a great weekend it was, and one that I will never forget. Hopefully our band will get another shot at the finals one day.

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