National Championships of Great Britain - Qualifying Bands - Championship Section

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    National Brass Band Championships

    Saturday, 11th October, 2008

    The Royal Albert Hall



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    Adjudicators announced:

    Speaking about the appointments, Philip Morris, of Kapitol Promotions Ltd., commented: “This year’s panel of adjudicators for the Championship section represents a wealth of experience across the spectrum in so far as we have selected three top adjudicators from the field of brass banding who not only have experience in judging, but also in education and conducting at the very highest level. The choice of panel this year also reflects Kapitol’s policy of nurturing new blood in the Championship Section Final ‘box’, whilst continuing to appoint judges with many years of experience in adjudicating at this level.”
    David Read is one of Britain’s most experienced and sought after adjudicators, and a familiar face on the panel of adjudicators for the top section ‘Final’. He first came to the RAH ‘box’ in 1985 and this year will see him notch up his 19th adjudication at the event. Professor David King, who has accepted the appointment to judge the top section for the second consecutive year, joins David Read in the ‘box’, together with fellow top-flight musician, James Gourlay, for whom this represents his first adjudication remit at the Championship Section ‘Final’, although he has been a member of many other top-level adjudicating teams across the world.

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    Test Piece announced:

    Concertino for Brass Band by Kenneth Downie.

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    This thread seems a bit quiet seeing there's only 3 days to go! So is there any predictions knocking about or have I missed another thread somewhere:confused:

    I think....


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    Not a thread exactly, but there's plenty of predictions in the tMP Predicitions contest here:
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    Cheers. I'll have a quick butchers.