National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

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  1. Meg

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    Just to clear up the two sops query. We did double check that it was ok to do this. We were told that basically you can have any combination of the list given above by brassneck. What you can't have is a player swapping instruments halfway though a performance/take two instruments on stage.

    In other words, if you want 25 Bb basses - go ahead!

    Well done Graham on a horrible sop part. I'm so glad I play tenor horn!

    Alliance Brass
    The number one band for 2 years in a row. Well, draw anyway.
  2. yr_epa

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    Some bands get cheered onto the stage which is completley wrong as then the adjudicators know it is a "big" band.

    Same thing happens every year at the areas. Its a big shame that is does happen.
  3. Sonny Barker

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    Was it only BAYV that were 'shushed' onto the stage?
  4. HBB

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    No, YBS, Dyke and Grimey were also shushed. (as far as i could tell)
  5. Sonny Barker

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    So, it was still pretty easy to spot the big-boys, then!!!

    Perhaps everyone should politely cough when the players walk on stage. That way, cheerers and shushers will be drowned out!
  6. Aidan

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    grimey were at the finals?
  7. iggmeister

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    As for Dyke, the announcer had literally only some 30 seconds previously reminded the audience not to clap any bands on stage! D'oh! This was because Dyke were the first band back on after the break.

    Don't think that really affected the result though.

  8. HBB

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    Brighouse!! :shock:
  9. grandfilth

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  10. Steve Earley

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    The BAYV ending was indeed odd - as you say, cut off too soon too loud for the (presumed) effect to come off. FYI the use of a square fermata sign indicates that the note should be held for even longer than a curved femata (short fermatas are indicated by a inverted V with a dot in the middle). The composer made this even clearer by writing the instruction 'lunga' on the part which either means 'very long' or maybe (certainly for me as a bass player) 'use the lungs'. Given all this, I don't think that a single band played that last chord to the desired length (which would be around 18 beats...) How pedantic am I?
  11. Humphrey

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    Par for the course then! ;)
  12. Brian Bowen

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    From where I was sitting in the stalls, it sounded as though BAYV's ending went completely wrong after the solo cornetist ended, with another cornet trying to re-enter on the upper G and then it all fizzled out -- except for the conductor beating an imaginary chord (does one usually beat out a pause?). I agree, no band seemed to hold a "lunga" (long) pause as written in the score. But the meaning of the square fermata sign is questionable. In his authorative book Music Notation, Gardner Read says it is a "medium hold". But the best bands managed a quite magical sound at the end with the use of mutes.
  13. Tuba Miriam

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    Interesting to read the comments about BAYV's ending, it did seem a little premature; however I wondered if it was entirely deliberate. As someone mentioned previously, Bob Child's conducting solo stopped the audience from bursting into spontaneous applause the moment the last note ended, giving the piece that magical 'audience stunned into silence' effect. Plus, from the adjudicator's perspective in the box, perhaps the last ppp chord was so quiet as to be inaudible: the best ppp of the day! The adjudicators weren't to know the band were sitting there, quite composed, instruments on laps. From my seat in the choir I could see Bob Childs smiling as he finished his conducting solo: was this the smile of someone who'd pulled off an audacious ending or of someone embarrassed at the fact the ending had gone awry???
  14. stephen_clapton

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    Only Bob knows! whatever happened, he managed to confuse a lot of people very well!!!
  15. The King of Wise

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    There's a big difference between ppp and premature silence. It would be interseting to get a Cory perspective on this, but I think he cut the band off prematurely because the chord had gone awry, with players popping in and out with their contribution.

    Well done Black Dyke though. Great band, but not as good as '59.

  16. brassneck

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    ... maybe he thought the judges wouldn't hear the last chord anyway, so he counted out the remaining time..... to stop the audience clapping and maybe giving the game away! Only 'slight discomfort in closing bars' and 'odd moment of fatigue' noted in comments. So it must have worked!

    [apologies for jumping the gun and virtually posting the same opinion as someone earlier!)
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    Great piece of music - dont care what anyone says - apperently its on Radio 3 on Sunday at 3.00. Heard EYMS (tubular bell-end with mobile phone!), fairies and cory. Unlike others - didn't really hear "THE" performance - you know, when you just!

    Also heard Cwmaman play as I was playing Euph at the time. Don't go there. Next year will all look out! (if we qualify of course)... Lush place to play, RAH - beats Ammanford Comp anyday.

    Congrats to prize winners and winning band etc.
  18. PeterBale

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    I think you'll find the Radio 3 broadcast is on Sunday 31st October - I'll confirm time after the weekend. The programme includes interviews with the composer and participants in the contest.
  19. mikelyons

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    If I can be naughty and pre-empt Peter:

    According to radio 3's website it's on the 31st October at 3:30pm for 1/2 hour - highlights - who knows what that means :)
  20. Ste69

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    Hooray - fame at last:p