National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

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  1. Highams

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    Yes, great to meet up on tmp stand!

    I agreed with the top 3, excellent choice. Could not understand how so many Sops could be so out of tune with their bands, and how many bass tbns played their solos so badly at this level!

    Sitting in choir west we could hear everything, I think it was purely the unusual writing for the basses that made them sound different.

    BTW I thought Whitburn had some of the most stunning solists of the day!
  2. sugarandspice

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    i'm sure i said "bet you made an **** of yourself!" just wish i was there to see it!

    well done everyone :)
    two cornish bands in the top ten woo-hoo :) :)
  3. Red Elvis

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    A good day .No argument with the top 2 places, and most of us had 3-6 up there in varying orders compared to the men in the box.Thought a few bands were placed lower than their performances suggested - Wingates, Leyland and Scots co-op particularly.

    The piece itself grew on me throughout the day , and nice to see some MD's also getting the Baritone on feet as well as the usual end men at the end of their performances.

    Thought Mnozli were great - shame we could not here more from them at the time and I for one will be very keen to see them in concert at some stage next time they are down London way.

    I thought my moment had come when they announced that "Eupho player of the year" was going to a young man who had given some outstanding performances this year - this is it , I thought , my unique interpretation of "West Side Story " and "Oklahoma" etc in front of two old ladies and a dog in West Ham park had got the recognition it deserved.Went to some youngster instead though , but I hear he is quite reasonable , although I bet he can't play a hymn tune !!!!
  4. wally

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    (And generally could anyone hear the basses? The overall bass sound was lost for much of the day where we were.)

    it must have been the place you were sitting. i was sort of opposite you in the circle and the balcony was really rumbling at times. as an albert hall virgin i was amazed at the resonance and size of sound four tubas and a bass trom could make in such an enormous space. black dyke had the biggest, most wonderful bass sound - no surprises there eh.
  5. wally

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    should also have said that i preferred YBS' interpretation - of course i may be biased but i had them just ahead of dyke. Dyke were ultra polished and so so so so slick and classy, but YBS were the only band that put a real space and ethereal beauty into the piece. they were the only band that made the music truly moving for me.

    By the way does anybody know killiney hill in dublin??
  6. Dave Euph

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    Congrats to all top-placed bands and well-done to all who competed. Getting into the Nationals in the first place is ****** difficult so they should all be proud no matter how well/badly they did (although I wouldn't be in a position to comment on that :D).
  7. Keppler

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    <off topic> Aye </off topic>

    Well done to all ;) Tmp Prediction results up soon...
  8. jd

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    Ak Livin The Dream

    Just a quick message to Alex Kerwin.
    It was an absolute pleasure seeing you again this weekend.
    What a super star.
    John. xx
  9. TheMusicMan

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    Hi JD - you can contact Alex via PM here on tMP... her tMP username is Kerwintootle. :tup
  10. jd

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    Thanks mate.
    Just assume she is on a plane at the mo.

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  12. ibrox

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    I thought the piece was a great success and no surprise that the soloist prize went to a sop player (and no surprise who!!)

    What did surprise me though was that both Dyke and BAYV used 2 sops - Dyke's second man and BAYV's 3rd! Assume this is within the rules if you play the same instrument throughout as opposed to switching between sop and Bb, much the same as playing a BBb bass part on an EEb. Nonetheless this is the first time I've seen it done at this level and, bearing in mind Dyke won, clearly of some benefit (assuming it's done well!) Any views?
  13. brassneck

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    'The Contest is open to Brass Bands only, consisting of a maximum of 25 brass players plus percussionists as required. Brass instrumentation shall be from the following list: Eb Soprano Cornet, Bb Cornet, Bb Flugel Horn, Eb Tenor Horn, Bb Baritone, Bb Euphonium,Slide Trombones, Eb and EEb Bass, Bb and BBb Bass, (Eb Trumpets are not permitted).'

    Mmmmmm.,... no indication here that either were in breach of rules. I tried also to find something that forbids players swapping instruments during a performance but nothing observed.

  14. geordiecolin

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    Congrats to all. Especially RV! Keeping it real for the North East!!!
  15. yr_epa

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    My first Nationals in London and what an experience. The way the whole place was quiet just before the opening chord was awesome! We weren't too pleased with some aspects of the performance but were pleased when we found out we were 11th. Of what I gather, our performance was a bit different and it didn't please the adjudicators. But thats how it goes! Just hope we can be back next year to give it another shot!

    Well done to all the prize winners!
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  17. supersplit

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    Add Alliance to the 2 sopranos list! Still, I can see why!

    Congrats to all the prize winners.
    I didn't like the piece to start but it did eventually grow on me.
    I think 12th place was a pretty fair assessment of our performance.
    One day we'll break that top ten barrier!

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  18. tim

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    I thought that swapping had been banned ever since a euphonium player won both the best euphonium prize and the best soloist prize in the same performance or something along those lines... may be completely wrong though.......
  19. PeterBale

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    That I believe was when they brought in the rule that no player could take two instruments on stage (since varied on occasion, to allow a cornet/flugel doubling as in "Dances & Arias").
  20. brassneck

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    re:doubling instruments..... wondering if the solo bench parts had opt. soprano part added to description? I suppose it was just 'solo cornet' and not 'solo Bb cornet'?