National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

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  1. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Well done to all the prize getters and all the other bands who played. I can't wait to get the cd and have a good listen to the bands.
  2. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    The lady compere, who is possibly more excellent than Peter Bates also did the Gala concert too.
  3. grandfilth

    grandfilth Member

    cant speak for Scottish coop but we felt it went reasonably well, mr walkley was excellent, just not our day, afterall it is a contest, judged by three men with opinions, if you weren't there how can you comment?
  4. grandfilth

    grandfilth Member

    o and well done to all the bands, well done dyke, deserved considering the open....
  5. Sonor

    Sonor New Member

    Just a quick "thank you" on behalf of the Travelsphere Holidays Band to everyone who has paid the Band compliments following our performance at the Nationals yesterday.

    As a band our aim after winning the Area was to get into the top six at the finals to start to put the Band back where it belongs at the very top of the banding world. With the very fine tradition and history that the Band has (the Band formerly known as Munn and Felton, G.U.S, and Rigid Containers Group Band) we are all to aware that over recent years the Band has not fulfilled its potential but we firmly believe that we are now heading in the right direction with David Stowell who has to take a great deal of credit for his direction of the Band. The next few steps will to return to London by retaining our Area title in March and by getting back to the "Open" through qualifying through the Grand Shield.

    The very kind comments of congratulations for the both our performance and result is of great encouragement to us all and are greatly appreciated.

    In conclusion I would just like to congratulate Black Dyke and all the other prize winners at the Nationals.
  6. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    A few points to argue over / ignore ...

    i) Was I the only one that heard Tredegar's consistently bad tuning throughout? This was especially notable on the Sop + Horn high bits, where the difference was about a quarter tone. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose - their performance at the Open seemed relatively better to me (though tuning was still an issue), but gained them a much lower placing.

    ii) Of the bands I heard, only Travelsphere escaped (almost) unscathed on intonation. Their performance was as clean as the best, and let the music speak for itself, with wibble-wobble restrained to a notably tasteful level (=performance-enhancing, not -degrading...) throughout. Black Dyke were good, but this was the rendition that gave me a real satisfaction, and I thought them rather unlucky with 6th, especially having played immediately before Tredegar's nicely shaped but sometimes jarringly out of tune performance. Their Sop was truly excellent, I thought also.

    iii) Bass Troms - several played the high Gb in the cadenza in the same 3rd
    position as everything else. Ouch! The extreme flatness that this produced was very clear... For 5 of the 7 bands that I heard this bar presented a significant challenge. But perhaps I am just being parochial. :)

    iv) In general, I was really quite surprised at the amount of dodgy tuning that there was. Sometimes, the specific use of a big vib was employed to try to mask this, which compounded the situation by making it both wobbly and out of tune.

    v) I like this piece much more than other Michael Ball pieces I've come across, but it still seems to lack a coherence or a sense of overall purpose, despite containing a number of excellent ideas and being scored masterfully throughout. I would really like to see him work on a piece with a top-notch non-band composer, taking specific responsibility for the scoring; James MacMillan, maybe.

    vi) Dyke's Trombones were much more musically well-behaved than they were at the Open. Maybe this was the difference?

    vii) Mnozil Brass - wow! They also sang (briefly!) in the curry house we went to.:D But we got back to the Imperial Union bar too late to hear them again.:( Did anyone else hear them there?

    viii) Yeah, attendance seemed way down; sitting in the circle, more seats seemed empty than filled, even for the results. Not quite sure why - perhaps audiences stay away from new pieces?

    ix) Basses were mostly 'seen but not heard', but isn't this the effect much of the piece demands - the melodic work sitting on an unobtrusive 'cloud' of notes?

    x) I too was perplexed by Cory's ending; it seemed as if Bob Childs was trying to bluff us all into thinking that they were still playing after they had stopped, but it cut off far too soon and at too high a dynamic for this to work. I know the pause is marked with a square sign, not a curved one (hence should be a short one, which was widely ignored), but it seemed as if they had cut off as if there was no pause at all. Strange, but thought-provoking.

    I missed the announcement of a tMP stand! Otherwise I'd have come to say hello... I did have the slightly unnerving experience of somebody telling me that they'd read what I write here though. Hmm; so it doesn't just disappear off into the aether...
  7. Spanky Rear

    Spanky Rear Member


    I was in choir west,and yes I could hear the Basses,if only the Bbs.How strange!?
    Perhaps the clean up/refurbishment of the venue had some strange acoustical effect? And again Will the Sec's comments on BAYV's ending seem correct to me.
    I was not happy with the top 2 places myself. I felt both performances were heavy--too much mountain and not enough flowers maybe.Consequently I feel that Reg Vardy,Travelsphere and Tredegar might have been placed even higher than they were. Nevertheless I bow to the adjudicator's vast experience and am grateful for a cracking contest.
    P.S. Mnozil---WOW!!!
  8. Ginge

    Ginge Member

    Well done to Black Dyke! Thought it was an excellent performance!

    Have to say i am pleased at our 7th place, but didn't think we played as well as we could have. Still, would have taken 7th at the beggining of the day!!!

    Thought Scottish Co-op deserved more than they got though.
  9. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Adam did you talk to the lady compere after the ensemble?
  10. Ginge

    Ginge Member

    Unfortunately, yes! That was me making a tit of myself!
  11. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Hehe! Thought it was!
  12. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    i've just regained the power of speech and typing- can i just say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggghhhhhhhh yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    thanks to everyone in the goat for being such a fab crowd especially the co. Congratulations to Black Dyke and all the others who won prizes and well done RV on the best nationals result in the band's history.

    Most of all thanks and congratulations to Mr Farr - a sublime musician.
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  13. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

    Just waiting in Heathrow airport.

    Great weekend!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

    Superb result and great concert last night. Thanks to all at Dyke for the great fun over the last few weeks.

    Congrats to all prizewinners and especially Reg Vardy Ever Ready.

    Good to see John and Roger at the tmp stand.

    Not looking forward to this very long flight home.

    Alex K
  14. BoozyBTrom

    BoozyBTrom Member

    Wow!!!!!! What a weekend. Congratulations to the Dyke and to YBS. Nice to see lots of old friends and make some new ones.

    And a big thank you to all who have contacted the band to say well done. We really appreciate it.

    Best wishes to all from Reg Vardy Band
  15. BottyBurp

    BottyBurp Member

    Percussion Placing

    Anyone know why top section finalists were (and rightly so!) allowed to position their instruments where they liked, but 1st section bands (at Harrogate) weren't? Both contests were run by Kapitol...
  16. backrowbloke

    backrowbloke Member

    Presume you mean percussion here Mr BB
  17. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Dyke were class.... as soon as the piece was over I said to Steve that they were Winners :)

    YBS' performance was very much differently interpreted.

    Well done to the top 6 :)

    Great to see Bren with Travelsphere at our hotel :)
    Well done Ginge for your little bit of stardom getting interviewed keeping that lady company :lol:

  18. RobertJohn

    RobertJohn New Member

    the pre-results entertainment was good. the silence after cory was spooky. the top three were spot on. it was mint.
  19. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    I'd guess it was because at Harrogate they had to fit more than forty bands into each day and at the RAH there were 'only' twenty.

    Organisers of the lower section finals are still haunted by the ghost of Torquay. I'll never forget waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and finding that there were still four bands to play....Leonardo!!! Nightmare.

    Give me officious little men in blue T-shirts telling me where to stick my kit any day.

  20. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Good day all round on Saturday, although I heard fewer bands than usual, partly due to time spent at the tMP stand. I certainly found it an interesting test, and several of the MDs found things in it that others didn't. No quibbles personally with the result - although I was just too late getting back in for Reg Vardy's reading, the louder sections I could hear from outside were very impresssive.

    I thought David Evan's interpretation was very different, much more restrained than many, even if it didn't quite come off. Good to hear the bass trom given a bit more of a challenge, although several seemed uncomfortable with the Bb after the opening Cs. Also good to hear some effective section work for the horns, and the few bars duet for flugel & solo horn brought out some good playing from most players.

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