National Brass Band Week & Brass Alive 2005 Campaign

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    Press Release

    National Brass Band Week & Brass Alive 2005 Campaign

    The British Federation of Brass Bands has now contacted all of is members contesting Bands, Associations and their delegates in England by means of flyers to encourage their participation. The flyer included a short letter regarding bands essential involvement in the project and suggested ways of participating, within this paragraph of the letter the date for the Whit Friday March Contest was given as 27th May 2005 which of course is an error (The correct date is Friday 20th May 2005). We apologise for this error and for any confusion caused. Youth bands will receive the same circular in the very near future.

    The most important part of Brass Alive 2005 is to make your community and the general public aware of our activities. This can be achieved in many ways most importantly by informing your local media, (newspapers and local radio).

    Register your events at both the bfbb and 4barsrest web sites.

    For further information or advice please contact:-
    The British Federation of Brass Bands,
    Unit 12 Maple Estate,
    Stocks Lane,
    South Yorkshire,
    S75 2BL

    Tel: 01226 771015 Fax:01226 732630 http:/ e-mail
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    Once again, the BFBB are using the brass band movement to promote and improve their own image.

    Why dont they just go away and realise that we do not need them to stick their noses in. They are more of a money pinching hinderance than a help. (At least Dick Turpin wore a mask).

    The sooner that people voice their opinions and get shut of them, the better and stronger we, as a movement, will be.
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    And of course The

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    Yeah not quite sure the bfbb website get that's many hits in comparison to Mouthpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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