National Brass Band Championships of England

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    Simonium got to this one before I did, but the sentiment is the same. Your reply includes the distinctive word "indication" of the number of bands who have entered the contest. What is this indication based on? Three men in a pub with a Morse Code machine? You have provided a nothing response to yet another post that has questioned your view, and to the untrained eye it looks like you are party to some relevant, and factually verified information. Of course, if you had started with in my opinion, you would not have got the same reading figures. The bare bones is that your statements are not backed up by a shred of factually verified information, but tarted up with words that can be misconstrued, so that when anyone does misconstrue them, you have a legitimate reason for then going on the offensive.

    Take a day off, and have a long hard think about what you, personally are trying to achieve, and come back to this forum with constructive, rather than devil's advocate, type comments.
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    I think we do know actually. Bandsmen and women across the country are opposed to the new registry on an unprecedented scale but feel powerless to do much about it without further damaging their own hobby. Kapitol know what would be said if bands were consulted which is why they have tried their best to shut down debate.
    Your attempts to cloud the issue further, presumably as a mouthpiece for Kapitol, are not working.
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    thats your perception from the people you know and have spoken to.

    Personally the people I have spoken to don't give two hoots.

    Its important not to confuse being vocal with meaning vast numbers.
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    Just a thought - so many bands are complaining that they weren't consulted, but I wonder how many of these bands (the top ones included) regularly send a representative to regional/local meetings? Maybe we should look closer to our own and start supporting those who do a great job, rather than stopping at home then complaining we haven't been consulted about certain things. I can't name bands, but only go from the reports I read in the banding press about turnouts, or rather the lack of them. We can't have it both ways
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    Sonorous, it appears that you have been making comments about myself and Mr Ashworth. I have blocked you, so can't see what you have written, except through the quotations posted by others.

    I fully support the statements made by David, above:

    "How dare you say this about me, who are you to make such an accusation when you do not even know me?" and "At least you know who I am, I gladly place my name after every insertion. The question is who are you? There are a considerable amount of people who would like to know I think."

    You were not present at Barnsley and did not hear people revealing information out of their own mouths as I did. Anyone who tells you differently - whoever the source - is misleading you, either through the process of 'Chinese whispers' or deliberately and maliciously. Don't bother replying to me as I will not see (and can't be bothered to look for) your response.

    I state again that I will not enter any contest where BBP cards are mandatory. It's not much, but it is the only way I can make any kind of meaningful stand. I know that my band are looking at exactly which contests we will be entering in future. While the majority of the band may, ultimately, vote to attend the areas with BBP cards, they do so knowing that I will not be able to play with them. However, that does not stop me helping the band in any way I can in the lead-up to the areas as Associate MD, taking rehearsals etc.
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    see above post. My mistake in mixing names up.
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    Shame, I gave you a chance and you blew it. Once again your post are unconstructive and warped.
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    did you? And did I? Ok :)
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    Look mate. Can you just give it a rest? All I see when I log on tMP is an endless tide of stupid or "how very clever" word games or ceaseless posts by your good self debating some infinitesimal point of interpretation on an issue I'm fairly certain (not quantifiable so don't go there) not many people are fussed about. Empty vessels etc etc. Please stop for a day.
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    yes, i agree. empty vessels is the appropriate saying for this whole thing.
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    Unbelievable - and yet he knows he is in the wrong because he too ashamed to reveal who he is!
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    Haha. Ok get back to your 'constructive' discussions. I'll try to keep myself under control ;-)
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    Does anyone have an update on the GBBA meeting on Sunday? I've looked on the GBBA website. Thanks
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    From a couple of comments passed to me a better held meeting without 4bars sticking their spoke in but again PM standing by the rule change. I'm sure someone who was there may have a full report
  15. mikelyons

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    Any news? Some of us are watching, still.
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    Hi Mike, there is still plenty of discussions going on behind the scenes. Will speak with you at either Preston or Blackpool.
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    ... Or maybe not! Our new cards arrived today, franked until June '14 - pleasantly surprised to see BBP have honoured the original promise to match the BBBR revalidation dates.
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    We've to take photo identification to the Midlands Champs tomorrow as our new cards still haven't arrived..... :ranting2:
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    That's the same with our cards that arrived yeterday, validated until April 14 which is when our BBBR cards expire
  20. ekimmort

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    East Riding of Yorkshire Bands Registration Cards have arrived and stamped to 31st May 2013. No complaints from us on the service.