NABBC Young Conductor Competition 2009

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  1. retlaw

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    The National Association of Brass Band Conductors in association with Virtuosi are pleased to announce a National Competition for Young Conductors.
    Candidates must be 35 years of age or under on 31st.Dec.2009
    The Competition will be based on the rehearsal of a given work followed by a concert performance. there will be a sight reading test and a short viva voce. The GUS Virtuosi Band will be in attendance for the rehearsals and as the evening concert band.
    The competition will take place at the Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill Milton Keynes on Saturday the 20th.June 2009.
    The winner will receive £1000.00 and an invitation to appear in concert with the GUS Virtuosi Band. The second and third placed finalists will receive £500.00 and £250.00 respectively.
    Application forms and a copy of the rules are available from the NABBC Secretary Mr.Ted Howard 30 Havant Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0DT. Telephone 029259 8160 or E-Mail Ted at
    Applications on the official form must be received by 31st.March 2009.
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    The closing date for applications for the forthcoming NABBC Young Conductors' Competition is 31st March. The competition will be held on 20th June 2009 in Milton Keynes, with the world-famous GUS (Virtuosi) Band. Application forms and a copy of the Rules may be obtained from Ted Howard, NABBC Secretary, 30 Havant Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0DT, Tel: 023 9259 8162, or email:
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    Considering many people move into conducting following a succesful playing career, should this competition not be opened up from an age perspective? for future years?
  4. yoda

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    Its a good way for the NABBC to attract membership.

    and the NABBC is a good environment for young conductors to hone the craft of conducting

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    The competition that was held last year was an open age contest, so maybe they are alternating every year? Don't know just guessing...
  6. Anno Draconis

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    I'd have entered, but I'll be 36 in December and therefore destined for the scrap heap of life :rolleyes:
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    I have requested to be entered but not had any application form back yet :(
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    Congratulations to Andy Porter (Friary BM) and Simon Jones (Fulham MD) for getting through to the final...... who will they be up against?