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    What a superb day we had today at Durham uni. It was nice to see so many people interested in the Brass Band Movement and conducting. The day consisted of the area committee meeting, which opened my eyes to what is being done to help keep music going within the BBM.

    Following this was a Score study on Resurgam led by Ray, this was amazing, hearing many peoples different interpretations on the piece. Ray also gave suggestions on how you could conduct the piece and ways around the trickier bits, not just as a conductor but as a player.

    After this there was a discussion led By Dr Newsome and a panel of people from different walks of life with an interest in music within are area and the BBM in general. This discussion gave everyone the chance to put questions to the panel and also join in with their opinion on other peoples views.

    To finish the day off the Reg Vardy band under Ray Farr gave any willing conductor a chance to put in to practice the earlier Score study and suggestions that had been put to the floor from all in attendance.

    All in all it was a very enjoyable day. Although there was a good turn out it would have been nice to see some none conducting folk or even some people who maybe thinking of conducting in the future. On a pure selfish point I myself would have like less people there so I could have had more time in front of the band!!!

    I look forward to the next workshop and hope to meet and make some more friends who share my interest in conducting and promoting this great hobby of ours, The Brass Band Movement.

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