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    Just wondering what more experienced opinions were of the bands and results. I was a performer in the Youth section myself so I will maintain judgement except for the fact that I now absolutely love "Extreme Makeover" by Johan de Meij and Atlantic Brass Band stole my heart.
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    I only watched Championship and First Section, and from what I saw/heard I think the the results were pretty fair. You look at the top section and Atlantic, FCBB and JMU were clearly the class of the competition. I love Extreme Makeover and about 10-years ago enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the composer with a focus group from BB Columbus (who performed it at NABBA in 2008) once about the piece for about thing to keep in mind is a great, audience friendly, flashy piece sounding good, doesn't typically get past quality adjudicators who hear other major works played very well that may not be so audience friendly.

    As far as the First Section goes, Weston really played a top-class performance...the results showed that. Obviously, from my profile picture, you know my allegiance, but I was disappointed to see UGA's lack of programming ambition get awarded as high as they did. I missed their set piece as we were having our picture taken, but the rest of the program were concert program items that for a contest, were more suited for a 3rd section band. I was not impressed with their brass band sound or dynamics. On the other side, I think Five Lakes navigated St. Magnus quite and should be disappointed with their result (I even thought they might finish ahead of us).

    At the end of the day, I am so amazed with the exponential growth in playing of US bands. We finished 4th in the 1st section, but I would say our performance of Pageantry would still beat about a third of the bands in the UK Championship Section Areas (plus we had to rehearse a test piece).
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    While I respect your opinion, I must disagree with your statements about the UGA brass band. Numerous great comments were given and they were awarded their position based on their sound and musicality. They showed a variety of musical styles and didn't simply play LOUD. They could also play soft.. WITHOUT putting mutes in. -- Please be cautious about what you post. As pissed as you are about the result, you represent your band. You're not doing too good of a job right now of that representation, and I suggest that instead of channeling your energy into the results, you instead look to your leader about how you can beat UGA next year. :)
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    I paid the $20 for the streaming and watched and listened to every band I could. I sat in my chair all day listening, and it was a very enjoyable day! I didn't take notes; I just let myself listen and enjoy. But I have a few comments.

    First I have an organization problem. There are two Youth Band sections. One simply called Youth Bands and the other Youth Honor Bands. Also, the best Youth Bands can play in the 3rd division. This keeps lower grade bands from playing in the 3rd division. Youth Bands like the "Fountain City Youth Band" would probably surpass many 3rd division adult bands. So most of the adult bands play in the 2nd, 1st, and Championship divisions. Is it necessary to have so many places for Youth Bands to compete?

    Another problem I believe NABBA will have to address soon is to at least have a regional contest in the West. I think Pikes Peak Brass Band from Colorado traveled the farthest.

    It was quite an upset for the Atlantic Brass Band to edge out Fountain City Brass Band for the Championship. Likewise in the First Division. I thought Weston played very well. They had to to win the division. Last year's 1st Division winner was Pikes Peak Brass Band. Weston finished first with Pikes Peak breathing down upon them and finishing 2nd.

    As for UGA, they, like other collegiate bands, will have some turnover each year. The band can be sustainially different from year to year.

    I have one comment I saved for last. The selection of the "choice" piece was radically important. Some bands picked pieces above their ability and never quite pulled things off. Others picked pieces that were simple or dull. This must be difficult to do. You want to peak with your choice piece if possible.

    I was surprised by a band I have some friends in, the Pikes Peak Brass Band. Their choice piece was "Blackout." It was well received by the judges and they got high scores. This is my opinion only, I thought "Blackout" was radically different and almost boring. But they played it very well and that is what counted.

    All in all, 31 bands played. The quality was much better than when I attended in 2002 and 2006. Brass Banding in the US is gaining some steam.
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