Nabba 2015, 2016!!

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    We got the nod from the board yesterday that the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) Championships will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 2015 and 2016! As a founder, current President and tenor horn player in the Old Crown Brass Band in Fort Wayne, I would like to state how excited we are to be granted the opportunity to be host city! Just had to share this on tMP. I hope some of you can be here to join us as well!!:D
  2. fwtimp

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    Did not mean to leave out the information that next year's NABBA Championship will be April 11 and 12, 2014, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    I was too excited about getting the news that the Championships would be coming here!
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    Brilliant news. All the best to you and your fellow NAMBLA members.
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    Ha! NAMBLA. Too funny. Also not to be confused with the North American Body Building Assoc.
    We will not be showing up shaved, oiled, and spray tanned in speedos. That would not be pretty. :)