Nabba 2008 Results

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Dave in Florida, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Dave in Florida

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    We just returned from the Brown Theater in Louisville, Kentucky. Here are the results of the competition (unofficial):

    Championship Section:
    1. Fountain City Brass Band
    2. Chicago Brass Band
    3. Brass Band of Columbus

    Honors Section:
    1. Georgia Brass Band
    2. Central Ohio Brass Band
    3. Princeton Brass Band

    Challenge Section:
    1. Spires Brass Band
    2. Natural State Brass Band
    3. Sunshine Brass Band
  2. MartinT

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    Congratulations to Chicago on their 2nd place! Hope this makes up to their 2nd bari for his result in the L&SC Regional contest in the UK ;)
  3. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    From what Dave posted...I believe it is all official...

    I have no problem with the results (based on what I heard on the set piece in the morning as both Chicago and FCBB were fantastic!)...but...

    I have never seen an audience response in my entire banding career (or band tarting career) like Columbus got after our performance of Extreme Makeover. Our Marimba (Pat O'Donell), Xylophone (Ryan Milians), tympanist (Dean Appleman), and the entire percussion section (Dan, Gary, etc...) were amazing! to have the audience on their feet before we finished our last not was surreal!! (and to be one of only two bands to get TWO standing ovations on the day was great!!)

    Props to Fountain City and Chicago, but I think we showed "we still got it!"

    (also, a props to Georgia and COBB for the Honrs section...well done!)
  4. PPP

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    Congratulations to everyone taking part in NABBA 2008. The full results can be found at for anyone interested.

  5. MoominDave

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    Yes, it was a pleasing way to overwrite the previous contest result...

    I had an excellent time at NABBA, the first I'd attended. I had originally been intending to spectate, but was drafted in to play 2nd baritone for the Chicago Brass Band, a great bunch of people.

    The format of the contest was innovative to UK perceptions - the Championship section (in which CBB played) was split into two sections, a set piece (Kenneth Downie's "St Magnus"), and an own choice part, with a total time limit imposed over the sum of the two performance times. The own choice section was of unspecified format, but in practice every band chose to perform a band-style test-piece - and some very tricky selections were given very well indeed.

    One puzzling aspect of this was that the marks were weighted 60:40 towards the set piece - but it seemed that a number of bands had chosen to polish their own-choice piece much more. Possibly some bands made a tactical error in this.

    As we were on last in the morning set-piece section, I did not listen to any other bands. Reports from fellow CBBers suggested that our performance of 'St Magnus' would fare quite well against the rest of the field.

    I did manage to catch every own choice performance in the evening session, though, bar Brass Band of Columbus' performance of 'Extreme Makeover', which was by all accounts well executed (worth noting though Pat - the audience was exceptionally enthusiastic all day, offering prolonged ovations to a number of performances).

    Atlantic Brass Band started off with a surprisingly "straightforward" choice: Arthur Butterworth's 'Passacaglia on a theme of Brahms'. This was an easy piece by the standards of the day, and not as perfectly executed as it needed to be.
    Columbus then followed, and then CBB with Peter Graham's 'On Alderley Edge', which was not so strong as our morning performance, but well shaped nonetheless.
    The last three bands all impressed me - Illinois Brass Band gave an assured if conservatively paced and not always exact performance of Wilby's 'Jazz', and then James Madison University gave a really excellent reading of 'Dove Descending' that would have stood comparison with performances by the best bands in Europe. Their reportedly weak showing on the set piece must have been the explanation for their 4th place.
    The final band on were the winners, Fountain City, who were also very strong on Philip Sparke's 'Music of the Spheres'. We particularly enjoyed the bass trombone sound! For me, JMU were more impressive, but perhaps I was shaded by the fact that I enjoyed their piece much more. Nevertheless, these last two bands sounded very classy indeed, and many good bands in the UK could learn profitably from their performances.

    Not sure whether I'll have the opportunity to attend this contest again, but it was a great day out (indeed, we've turned it into a great very long weekend out, by way of Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kentucky again, Illinois, and Missouri before heading back to Chicago tonight), and the trade stands were of exceptional quality!
  6. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Sorry I didn't spend more time to catch up Dave...part of it was admitadly my fault. I thought it was you, but was to scared say your name and be wrong as I was thinking "What would Dave be doing here with a baritone?" (and your hair has grown out a bit).

    I hope you enjoy the weekend, and once again kudos to Chicago on some fine perofrmances.