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    Can anyone email me the words to the melodies found in Heaton's My Treaure (SP&S Festival Series No 167 - January 1950). The selection is based on "I am Resting", "The Lord is thy Keeper" and of course "My Treasure". All were I believe published in the Musical Salvationist. Sadly our songster library doesn't seem to have copies. So if there are any SLdrs out there who have copies could you please forward the words to ...

    BTW - which do you think is the best recording of the piece??


    Iestyn Davies
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    Welcome to tMP Iestyn. I am sure that someone will be able to get you the information you're after. Carl Woodman of WoB will possibly spot this one and get back to you tomorrow when he comes back online.

    Good luck in your search. :tup
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    I can't help with the song texts, but of the two CDs I have, both by the ISB, I would recommend the version conducted by Stephen Cobb on The Heaton Collection (2002 on the SP&S label). The earlier recording, conducted by Ray Bowes, is on the Goldcrest CD (1988, also SP&S) where, incidentally, Stephen Cobb is the principal cornet player.

    While the later recording is a double album, you get the benefit of many other glorious Heaton works and Black Dyke, too.
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    Enfield also did a great recording of this a few years back - think the album is called "The Lord is king " ( features that as its major work ).

    As for the words of the songs , I suspect that Marshall's "My Treasure" is actually the most recent featured in the selection , witn the others dating back to the 20's or 30's . maybe earlier . Back in the day when I was Dep.SLDR at Colchester Citadel "My Treasure" was a favourite of mine , but we were singing it out of "Gems 5" (or earlier - old compilations of Songster songs dating back donkeys years ) . Suggest you contact the chaps at "World of Brass " - I'm sure they will have contacts in the Music Dept at THQ that can help you out.

    Have to agree that Heaton's arrangement is marvellous - one of my favourites.
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    By coincidence, I have been rehearsing My Treasure with Chatham Band in recent weeks. We have planned to use it as our contribution to the meeting next Sunday night and in our concert in Cambridge on Saturday 9th October. I have the words to all verses of all three of the songs used in My Treasure although the piece itself only uses one verse of each. Rather than me type them all out, perhaps I could fax them to you instead. Send me an email or PM and I'll do it straight away.
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    My Treasure contd.


    Thanks for the responses to my post hopefully I'll have the words by tomorrow. If anyone else would like them please drop me a line.


    Iestyn Davies

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