My Second March - Comments very welcome!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brownrob, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. brownrob

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    Hi! Im a big fan of marches and have written a few, I wanted to write an easy 6/8 Road March and have come up with the following, which Ive dedicated to one of the bands I play in!

    Comments are really welcome, good and bad, Im really keen to learn. I am only learning and its only the 2nd piece Ive ever completed so I have a lot to learn! The Scorch file is here. A friend rekons the trio sounds a tad like "shall we gather by the river"!!! :oops:

    Apologies for clogging up the forum with my Marches!
  2. Rhonda

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    Well structured, easy to understand, good for inexperienced players.
    There are no really new or exiting ideas or twists in the piece. Yet another march. Does the brass band world with very good and famous marches need another march?

    Nice piece for a school or training/junior band.

    Personally I find it a bit boring.

    Sorry, but you wanted an honest opinion.

    But as you say it's only your second fully completed piece. Who knows? You might be the next .....whoever in 20 years time. Keep on with the work!
  3. Thirteen Ball

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    There's certainly positives to take - If I may be so bold.

    One thing I've always said about writing marches is that there are times when, even though you know it's a cliche, you simply have to write the cliche because if you don't it stops sounding like a march. Marches are, by their nature, formulaic - but so are recipes and the same ingredients can make a bewildering variety of cakes! It's how you tie the cliches together that makes all the difference.... And as I'm sure we both know, a lot of very very good marches have already been written by people a lot better at it than us!

    There's nothing wrong with what you've written.... but there's nothing different about it either.

    That's no reason to give up though. Every genre need fresh input. Having heard Ravenswood about 18 times in a night at whit friday clearly some new contest marches are needed - and having heard slaidburn about the same number, new road marches are always welcome too.

    If you can look for something a little bit different to what's already gone before in your writing, drop into the relative minor key on occasion to break things up for the listener, add the odd slightly fruity chord to liven things up, then you'll not go far wrong.

    Rimmer and Alford were past masters at writing the same thing a different way so that it stayed sounding fresh. If you need inspiration or ideas, they're not a bad place to start.

    Keep writing!