my name is Jack Wright and I play e-flat bass with Grangemoor BraSS band

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  1. My question is how do I polish the valves on a very old besson eflat bass,they have lost all the silver polish (if that's what it was)and they now appear to be very sluggish in there action.This is a very good solid instrument a compensating 4 valve instrument which has been altered to play in the modern range,thanks
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    I doubt the pistons had silver polish on them. They are usually a mat grey colour.

    Be cautious about scrubbing with anything abrasive.

    Sluggish is not necessarily a bad thing. If they were very loose, you'd be in big trouble.

    Use a tuba nylon brush, washing up liquid, and plenty of elbow grease to clean the valve casings. Be careful not to let the metal core of the brush touch the casings.

    For the pistons themselves, strip them down and soak them in warm soapy water. Use a sponge and washing up liquid to get rid of all the old sludge that is probably the remnant of ancient valve oil.

    Some folks also recommend first soaking in warm water and Sterident denture tablets...which apparently is gentle on the metal, but effective at loosening the grime.

    You might need to do the above a few times in order to get the grime off. Then use plenty of valve oil. There are thicker valve oils available for old instruments, which help with compression problems
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    Alternatively, get yoursefl down to a local repair person to take a look and if necessary quote you to get it up and running better for you.

    You'll avoid a whole load of blood sweat and tears in the long run.
  4. Thanks folks I have done just that and my repair man is now looking at it.Job should be done by Christmas, as he is very busy up until then.

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