My Love is like a Red Red Rose

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    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone can help me who has a copy of the piano accompaniment to the traditional cornet solo ‘My Love is like a Red Red Rose?’ I have the soloist part but it seems at some point over the years the piano part has gone walk abouts. If you can help please send me a message and I’ll gratefully give you my email address.

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    This thread may be of some interest: (I'm assuming here you're talking about the Langford arrangement; if not, please ignore me ... )

    The consensus appears to be it was never published with piano accompaniment. A quick look at the Chandos Catalogue seems to confirm this. The suggested solution of acquiring a competent pianist who can read from the band short score would appear to be the best.

    Unless of course you know of a tame local arranger who would be prepared to arrange the accompaniment for piano ...
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    Have sent a msg - I have a piano part for the Langford arrangement.
  5. Simon_Horn

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    Can I have a copy please Alan?
  6. nethers

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    I may have an idea here also if you need further options.
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    Is it 75 years yet since Gordon Langford passed away? If not I hope there is no nawty xerox-ing going on.
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    I'd like to get hold of the piano accompaniment too. Where did you get it from?
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    The song is based on a poem by Robert Burns written in 1795

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