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  1. BrianT

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    Back in 1972 my very first trumpet was a B&M Champion and cost £26.
    I had a chance to play one of these trumpets again recently and was amazed by how good it was. The one I tried was beat up (crumply bell and sticky valves) but the intonation seemed pretty good and it felt really open. Didn't get a chance to try it in ensemble, so I don't know whether I'd be fighting with it to make it sit right in the chord but playing it was a real eye opener.
    Anyone else have fond (or not so fond!) memories of their first instrument?
  2. PeterBale

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    My first instrument was an old "C" clarinet - don't see many of those around any more! I learnt on that, and then moved onto Bb after a few months.

    With brass, it was an old Imperial (I think!) horn, that was sitting unused in the instrument cupbard at school. I think the instrument I have fondest memories of was my Dad's Boosey Bb/F that I moved onto a few months after that, with its sprung slide that was very useful as you could play short 1st positions ;)
  3. Lauradoll

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    I had an Imperial Baritone and a sturdy beast it was too. No dings no matter how many times it slipped out of my hands. I only wish my Sov was as sturdy as that frosty machine!
  4. I started out on my mothers old yamaha cornet, it was gold plated and very shiny, I remember how proud I was when I saw that all the others had old crashed instruments...

    I'm also teaching children to play, and one time one little boy got an old imperial baritone (or something like that). anyway, even he did everything the right way, he never got the right tone out of the instrument...
    I checked it but could not find anything wrong. then I asked my tutor to check it out, and he found out that you could play the whole scale by holding in the 1th valve... We later found out that this was an instrument bought from somewhere in eastern europe, where they made cheap copies ...
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  5. Baritonedeaf

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    I had an Imperial frosted Baritone as well - built like a tank - I think that it would have withstood being run over by a tank. Great instrument. The frosting had started to come off, so it had a sort of semi shine to it - very nice!

  6. Euphonomium

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    My first euphonium was a half size sonora, probably more the size of a baritone than a euphonium really! It had 3 valves and was held together in places with sellotape and blu tack! (Oli i refer you to the instrument that they were calling a baritone at Brassed Off, it looked more or less like that!) I much prefer my full size, sturdy built sovereign, one of the old school ones that are fantastic instruments with a bigger bell flare than todays, but I don't think I'd have coped with it at the tender age of 9 somehow...
  7. Mine was some old besson that Milton Keynes Central corps lent me, I moved on to a Besson a few years later. On flute my first one was some rubbishy buffet thing I think, and I now play a gorgeous yamaha, and have a stag piccolo too!
  8. persins

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    Mine was an old Corton Trumpet. It had a case that I could pretty much fit in. From what I remember it was totally rubbish! Still, it did the job and I didn't know any better at that age.
  9. trumpetmike

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    Snap, well, aside from the year and the price.
    I still have mine. It is in terrible condition but the tone is still something a little special. One of these days I am going to get the bell removed properly and adapted for use on my other trumpets - I just have a feeling it could be something special.
  10. andyh

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    Snap! Given my Corton as a present in 1968 and I pretty much wore it out but the case survived everything I
    could throw at it. I still have it's replacement, bought in 1975, which is a Gaudet trumpet and absolutely mint,
    except for the case which is showing it's age :)

    Actually, it's kind of interesting because the bell is inscribed Gaudet, but on the valve block it says
    "ACourtois" with "Amboise" underneath that. I think what I have may be an early Courtois but I've
    no idea of it's value (if anything).


    TIMBONE Active Member

    My first trombone was an army issue is 1966, a medium bore frosted silver Besson, I think it was a 10.10? In 1969, I bought my first trombone on HP, a lovely medium bore Yamaha from Bill Lewington. When I got to college in 1971, I was told I had a pea-shooter :(
  12. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    I can relate to this one.

    When I was at school my teacher told me to get a King 3b, telling me it was the dogs wotsits, only for me to get to college and be told the same thing!
  13. Cornet Nev.

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    Having found this thread by a search for references to the Corton instruments, I thought perhaps a good idea to revive it.
    My first cornet was a Corton, which I still have and was bought second hand from a friend who's daughter had learned to play on. That inspired me to start a small collection of brass instruments in general via second hand shops or wherever I could find something of interest. That resulted in an early Chinese Lark with the wrong sized mouthpiece shank, an I assume American made Bach which I also still have and the model is still sold today, mid range for around £500 to £700 I think, and is the CR310.
    I now own one of the latest batch of Besson Sovereign instruments made in France by the Buffet Crampon company I believe.
    However, I would like to know a little more about the Corton instruments which were made in Czechoslovakia. Mine has too small a gap between the top mouthpiece tube or shank and the return tube to the valve block. (No room for your thumb) This makes me think it is perhaps of earlier manufacture. Does any one know much about them?
  14. David Mann

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    I learnt on an SA Bandmaster cornet, serial number 22441. Spookily enough, the actual instrument came up on eBay a while ago but I decided that I'd rather keep my 20 quid than acquire yet another instrument for nostalgia's sake. Don't remember much about the quality of the cornet except that SA valves would take a lot of abuse and could be maintained with brillo pads.
  15. euphojim

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    When I joined my first band (Barrow Britannia it was then) I was supposed to get a Tenor Horn but unfortunately the only spare instrument they had was an Eb Tenor Cor. For those that have not seen one, it looks like a small French Horn and is played right handed. I wonder if Barrow Concert Band still have that instrument?

    I did get a proper Horn eventually.
  16. stevetrom

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    my first instrument was a tenor horn, the mouthpiece was stuck and could not be removed, my teacher at school told us to 'just bring you mouthpiece' and, because I could'nt, I missed the lesson and have never looked back !
  17. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    My Dad's Martin trombone.
  18. Crazysop

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    My first ever cornet was a weltklang old thing with no triggers or even moving slides. I was about 7 and it cost my grandad £85. I played on it, dropped it, bent it, left it on the bus, dropped it some more, soldered it back together myself and played on it some more.. right through my degree and up till joining Middleton where they took one look at it and gave me a horrid olde getzen cornet because it was allegedly better.... anyway I just couldnt play on it so bought myself a nice sov from the local music shop for £500. About a month later they promoted me to sop. My first sop was a horrid olde band getzen long model thing and i just couldn't play on it (reccurring theme here) so they bought me an olde Shilke, which incidentally fell apart just before we played at Butlins (I'm angling for a new one!)

    My first actual trumpet was a Bach strad... what a beast! Got it for my 16th birthday, love it! Although it rarely sees the light of day these days :(

    Still have all my 'trumpets', got a little collection going on now!
  19. Alyn James

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    My first instrument was a green 1880 Boosey cornet which my father found under the workbench in the garage owned by Davies the Buses of Glynneath. It's been reconditioned and still plays sweetly. I last played it "in anger" on bumper-up with British Steel under Nobby Clark during 1993. I used a shank I'd found which let me use a Wick 5 Horn mouthpiece. Even then it still played in tune as long as I didn't try to play above Top G..... :)
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  20. Independent Silver Band

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    I wish I had that one for my historic band.