My bad days..Sucks! Help please?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by xRinat, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. xRinat

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    Hello, I noticed that I have alot of "bad days" now and then.
    I know that to be a good solo cornet I must do the high notes as well as playing beautifull and steady, but I often have problems in reaching the high notes, I used to play in the up register alot and had no problems at all hitting the high notes, but now suddenly I got this bad issue...
    I play in two bands, wich gives me alot of excersizes but I kind of have the feeling that my upper register just gets worse. Sometimes I can play high, but sometimes I just try but cant.
    When I didn't have problems in reaching the high notes, I allways warmed down after playing the cornet, wich I think is important.. I never warm down anymore, can that be the problem? Is warming down important?
    I am not an expert on this, I just got 16 years old. Not to brag, I do have skills, and I want to raise this skill that high that I can have the confidence to have the thought of maybe be one of the best players in Norway.
    After summer I am becoming a Soprano cornet in my band, and I really want to make it good, since my band has been winning the Norwegian Championships for 5 years straight.

    Please I am sorry if I bothered you guys of reading all of that, but I really want to increase my high tone playing. If anyone knows what the problem might be, write it here please.

    And please answer the "is warming down really that important?"
  2. Vegasbound

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    I would suggest finding a good pro trumpet player and having lessons with them, it is hard for anyone to give advice with out hearing/seeing you play.

    and yes if you are playing in the upper register for sustained periods of time then warming down becomes even more important!
  3. joshy

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    The thing that has been the 'breakthrough' with my range has been realising that the speed of the air is whats important. Faster air = higher notes. The reason why players tighten their lips as they go higher is because it closes the hole that the air escapes from which makes the air travel faster. Once I realised this it was easier to get what I needed range wise. I moved from Bb to soprano a few months ago now and using thin streams of fast air has been the thing that has helped me, hope it helps you!

    If you need some more information, PM me and I have some exercises etc... that I have been using you can have.

  4. xRinat

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    Hey, thanks for the help so far! This made me think.. Joshy you are making a lot of sence, I used to use alot of air before, and I completely forgot about it.. I need to do some air excersizes aswell :)
  5. euph-man

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    playing in bands is no substitue for personal practice
  6. xRinat

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    I guess your right, but playing 6-7 hours a week is something, it is more than enough, i think :S
  7. iRyan

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    Not really, youre not doing the personal practice yourself, you're just playing band music, how will that improve yourself in an area you want to improve? I've been taught not to rely on brass banding by my teacher and always do practice at home!
  8. xRinat

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    I guess your right about that.
  9. waynefiler

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    The suggestions so far have been everything I was going to say, but missing one vital technique and it's fairly important.


    The more you worry and get uptight the more your playing is going to suffer. If you stress, the muscles in your body tighten which restricts movement and effects your breathing.

    It's psychological too, the less you worry and the more you think positively the happier you become thus reflecting in your playing.

    Remember this formula when playing.

    PMA = PGH

    Positive mental attitude = personal goal heaven.
  10. xRinat

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    Ok, I will relax, but I hope this helps me, cause i get real depressed when I just can't play high sometimes, it kind of ****es me off.

    I want a technique on how to increase my high note playing.
  11. joshy

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    Having a good warmup routine can help with relaxation. We were playing through and brand new and tough piece today but I was able to play most of it becuase I was confident with my warm up. The previous rehearsal when I hadn't got my warm up done was awful because I wasn't confident so tensed up when playing.
  12. xRinat

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    I used to warm up, and just play great in the high register before, but now I just sometimes can do that. And for every band meeting I just keep thinking on high notes when I warm up.

    I need to get really good after summer, cause then my time on the soprano cornet seat is on, and I want to do it better than my friend who was sitting there, and he's 2 years older than me. I know I can do it better, I just need some time on practising on something that can increase my embouchure and high note playing. Playing clean and nice is not a problem.
  13. Alyn James

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    You also used to warm down. You need to do both...every time you play! Good luck.;)
  14. xRinat

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    I think...

    Hey all, I think the problem is solved.
    These two days I have been using 5 minutes to warm down after practising. And my upper register is coming back :)
    And I also practise on blowing alot into the cornet all the time, using alot air, and it works.
    Thank you all for helping!
    If you got some tips on air excersizes, give me a message :)
  15. iRyan

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    I got taught, even though you look an idiot when doing, pretend youre like doing an archery thing, i dunno if its just used to look good for kids or what!
    You like pull back your arm as if you're drawing back the arrow, whilst doing that taking a right big breath in with your diaphram, then when you let go push all the air out as fast as you can

    Sumat like that, Mike Dodd showed me it :p
  16. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    Im not sure how to do that, haha .
  17. iRyan

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    Ermm basically just take as much air in as you can, then blow it out as hard as possible, it should improve how you use your diaphram I think, which will obviously help you get higher ;)
  18. xRinat

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    Hey, that's what we all do at band practising :) Our teacher says its really important to do that every day.
  19. Jack

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    i no, no1 has commented this in a while but i play sop and regular cornet/trumpet and the thing that improved my upper register and endurance is the arban

    i no ur probably thinkin oh great not the arban but the characheristic studies are great

    learn one of them so you can know the notes, and then start at the top and play all the way through WITHOUT stopping. it will be really hard at first soon enough you will be able to play through it several times in a row without gettting a dead lip. When you can do this try it on sop. It will be alot harder so if u cant play it try playin it on ur Bb and transpose it up a tone until u can play it on sop

    works amazingly well
  20. xRinat

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    I haven't got a soprano cornet yet. Might not get it because my conductor said I might be principal cornet after summer.