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  1. skweeky

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    does anyone know any makers of soprano cup mutes?? i have lokked EVERYWHERE for a cup mut for my sop but just can seem to find any!!
  2. The Cornet King

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  3. IckleSop

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    goodluck!!!!! Impossible to find them! Thankgod i had mine on order before they stopped making them
  4. skweeky

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    :( yes. i was a bit gutted when they told me the makers of sop cup mutes were deseased
  5. davidquinlan

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    I've got a Tom Crown Eb/D Trumpet cup mute that works fine on Soprano.
    You'll have to file the corks down a bit and I tend to stuff the "cup" with a cloth to blend with the adjustable Wick cup mutes that our section uses.

    Myatt supply them :
  6. AJSOP

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    I would recommend Peter Gane straight or cup mutes for good soprano mutes.
  7. tubbythe tuba

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    Try talkng to Phil Paker you can find his detail on I got my wife a harmon sop mute from there but I don't know what else they have.
  8. WhatSharp?

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    <edited cause I just replied with everything I replied with in the original thread> :roll:
  9. Heppy

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    Peter Gane and Tom Crown are your best bets. Finding them is one thing, playing in tune with them is another!

  10. Bryan_sop

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    Keep an eye out on ebay, I've just won this:

    They seem to put one on every so often. I was bidding on one a few weeks ago but I was out bid at the last minute. Shipping to the UK is about $15.