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    What do bands do about the purchase of mutes?

    What seems to happen with our band at present is that cornet and trombone players quite often buy their own mutes, while e.g. horn and bass players rely on the band to borrow/purchase mutes as required by the music. I'm not sure at this stage whether we have ever had a laid-down policy.

    There's a point of view that says that bands should supply mutes where (a) mutes are rarely required, or (b) are prohibitively expensive. Another factor in the decision might perhaps involve the extent to which the instruments in question are, or are likely to be, used when depping for other bands/ensembles.

    Do bands have a specific policy on this?
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    It's always ideal for bands to have sets of mutes so that consistency of muted effect is kept among/between sections.
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    I wouldn't disagree. However, this doesn't really answer the question about bands' policy on purchase - for various reasons, I'd prefer not to second-guess the replies.
  4. Our band provides what we need - we tend to borrow the rarely used ones. Cornets and troms all seem to have cup, straight (metal + stone-lined), harmon, with just Peter Gane straight mutes for the Horns & Baris.

    I know a few basses that could do with a mute sometimes, but that's not 'cos it's written anywhere!!

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    We had to buy matching mutes for journey to the centre of the earth this year. Cost the band £800. Each cornet and trom player got a dw cup a h&b cup and straight (they all had their own dw straights for some reason) the horns got a set of HB trom cups (which are probably not going to be used again for a long time). Had to compromise on Euph and Bari mutes and get HB ones - and then band supplies tried to bill us for more expensive peter gane ones!
    I got a permanent marker and wrote Hatfield very neatly on all of them, along with the month and year 03/06. Then I got some small white 'write on' labels and put them on so that the players could initial them!
    All mutes are signed for. None of them can be sneakily swapped and because they're all initialed, everyone is accountable. Sad I know, but mutes are hard to keep track of and are quite expensive.
    Personally I think the price of mutes is greatly overinflated when you consider what they are.
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    Had to buy some mutes for myn band for pontins last year - bought them over the net from America in the end although they did arrive a little too close for comfort before the contest but it was a hell of a saving - three H+B trom harmons worked out as almost £160 here and £80 including postage from the states (think I got away with the customs charge too if i remember rightly!). think I got them from Took around a month to arrive. Worth having a look though as that is a decent saving!
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    cheers. will bear that one in mind!

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