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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Catherine81, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Catherine81

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    I have a medium bore Globe Stamp cornet and am struggling to get a Harmon (ET) mute to fit it. Would a sop one work or would I have to file the cork down on a mute for a large bore cornet?
  2. Tom-King

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    There's nothing about large/medium that means the bell flares necessarily have to be different (though they often are a bit).

    If the issue is that standard mutes seem to be too big, then filing the corks down a bit is a possible solution - if the bottom F# on any mute doesn't "slot" properly when attacked, then filing corks is advisable anyway (and improves intonation generally in that case).

    As Harmon types go (I've had a few) - the standard model Humes & Berg ("wah-wah-du-all" or something like that) is slightly smaller diameter across the top, which is great for slightly smaller bell flairs - oh and as a bonus it's a great mute (the standard in bands is the Wick which is just awful imho)
  3. GordonH

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    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Harmon mutes are very dependent on mouthpiece in order to get the desired sound. I find that anyway, it is the combination of the two.
    Example: people trying to get the later Miles Davis sound on trumpet go to excessive lengths when the secret was partly his very deep mouthpiece and partly his microphone and recording set up at the time. He was just using a fairly cheap harmon brand mute. People are buying very expensive copper mutes to try and replicate it.

    I suspect the problem you are having is the angle of the bell - I have seen this with the Denis Wick harmon too where only the inner edge of the cork is touching the bell. There is not a lot there to sand down either. I found breathing on the metal before putting the mute in helped a bit.
  4. 4th Cornet

    4th Cornet Well-Known Member

    This is what I do too.
  5. tat

    tat Member

    lick the cork!!
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