Musty smell from Tuba

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Matthew, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Now then this isn't from an old pair of socks down the bell or an old cheese buttie that's got lost. ;)

    I have a band BBb Tuba; when I got it originally, it needed a darn good clean up. After replacing all the valve guides/springs/dampeners etc and washing it through in the bath with soap (much to Mrs Matthew's disgust!), it still has a musty smell about it a few months later.

    How can I get rid of this? It's not the case as I've put it in a gig bag I have.

    Another rinse through? Any suggestions what to use?

    Thanks all. :D
  2. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    chem clean with a service from repairer. will get rid of any nasties. I have read that older instruments can harbour mildew and cause health problems if not cleaned through and sterilized. May save problems down the track.
  3. hobgoblin

    hobgoblin Member

    A serious issue indeed. There are already many cases of obesity being spread by Eb and particularly Bb basses, and it can only be a matter of time until the first high profile case of 'bad' aids transmitted through a badly maintained tuba comes to light.
  4. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    Dont use MILTON on it though to sterilise it. One of ours did that with a Silver plate Mouthpiece. It is now an interesting Dark Grey colour


    If it is a silver plate 1990s sovereign,It might be one that I played,I always poured a pint of stale milk through any instrument I made it sound better !
  6. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Might have guessed it's your cheese Stuart. ;)
  7. Pav

    Pav Member

    You don't even want to know what he did with mouthpiece.
  8. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    I thought all basses stank !
  9. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    What soap did you originally wash it with? Most rendered soaps leave deposits of some kind, particularly when warm soapy water cools on contact with a surface.

    Liquid detergents (ie. washing up liquid) are much more effective, I find, and have kept my instruments and all their nooks and crannies (although I appreciate those on a BBb bass are harder to get at than on a euph, say) clean and damp/must free.
  10. cockaigne

    cockaigne Member

    And as always, a thread like this gets a bit jokey, but SERIOUSLY, hobgoblin??

    Do us all a favour and crawl back under your rock.

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