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    Hi everyone, my name is Philip and I am from the sunny south part of Wales. UK..;)

    I like most if not all of us started our banding careers on the cornet and progressed to the where we were needed and moved on from there.

    I currently play Bass Trombone for the Tylorstown Band from the Rhondda in South Wales who have just won the 2nd Section Championships in Harrogate.....:clap:

    Also I have been banding now for nearly 50 yrs and will most likely to be banding until I kick my clogs...:biggrin:

    Anyhow great site/forum and hope to enjoy it as much as possible.:clap:

    Philip Loveday
    Bass Trombone
    National Champions of Great Britain 2nd Section
    Tylorstown Band
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  3. Hello Phillip, Welcome to TMP from the U.S.A
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    at which point you have reached the pinnacle, no further moves should be made - EVER
  5. bass2bone

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    I totally agree with you there Steve.....what a way to go .....;)

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