Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by cornetgirl, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    *takes off tap shoes for a moment*

    Am I the only person who's been totally hooked on this? Just about to wait for the final to start and I sooooo wish I'd done it.....

    At least I still have Strictly Come Dancing to watch (come on Julian!!) - I know, I'm a sad BOC who should get out more..... ;)

    Rach x
  2. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Sorry not watched Musicality, but am totally hooked on SCD. (Come on Aled!) And Anton can come and teach me anytime...
    BMB ;)
  3. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    Oooooh bonjour!!!!

    Yes he is rather nice - and from all accounts an excellent teacher. Does he ever stop smiling???

    Rach x
  4. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I've not seen any of the previous "Musicality" programmes, but I did tune in to last night's, having read the press coverage. They certainly seemed to have unearthed a couple of people with real talent, if only they've got the dedication to stick at it.
  5. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Watched all of the musicality programs, and was amazed at how much they had each improved. They completely blew me away last night, and I just sat watching the tv smiling, amazed at what is possible through such dedication, hard work and excellent teaching.
    Kind of had an effect on me... ;)
  6. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Just out of interest... what?
  7. HBB

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  8. stabbyjnr

    stabbyjnr Member

    yo ho! completly loved it, the last episode last night absolutely fab!!!!!! there all so hot! they pulled chicago off great!
  9. Heather

    Heather Member

    Musucality has been fantastic. I've watched every one and loved it.
    Thought the final show on Wednesday was amazing.
    Such nerves and such talent.
    They all deserve to go far.