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  1. sugarandspice

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    It is clear you have had many achievements in your career, which has indeed made you such a successful musician. I would be interested to know if you have a particular highlight from your musical career, something which will always remain in your memory, be it a solo performance or a performance with a band etc?
  2. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    Hello there

    Thank you. I have many special memories and highlights in nearly 40 years of banding. The thrills of winning contests like the Open and National - tours with bands to Australia, USA, Canada and all parts of Europe. Many fantastic concerts all over the world with bands like Grimethorpe and Brighouse under conductors like Elgar Howarth, Frank Renton, Sir Charles Groves and further back with Eric Ball and Harry Mortimer to name a few.

    If you really press me though I would have to say winning the National in 1992, (the Brassed Off story!) All the emotion of the circumstances around the week of the contest, the piece - The New Jerusalem and me having to be the voice of God, off-stage and under immense pressure. It was very statisfying to win that one!
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