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    The Wetherby Silver band are looking for a new Musical Director. We are (soon to be) a 3rd section band in Yorkshire, based just of the A1M. We currently rehearse Tuesdays and Fridays 8pm - 9.45.

    The band has a strong, dedicated core of players, but for one reason or another has found it's self need a handful of players to boost the bottom end of the band. The band has been expertly handled over a number of years leaving it in a very healthy position in terms of Library, Eqiupment and Funding.

    We are seeking an individual who will take the music seriously whilst keeping the joy of music making in & out of the bandroom. We would ideally like someone with conducting experience but we also realise a good band leader has to posses good communication and organisational skills too.

    Those of you on here who know me, I'm registered at Wetherby where i enjoy playing regularly (but not full-time) with my friends. Please direct any questions you'd like answering to me in the first instance (PM or email or phone).

    We would like to thank Roy Roe for his efforts over the last 10 months and wishing him well in "the box" in the future.

    Next week Wetherby will be at Hardraw Scar Contest on Sunday, if you're there maybe you'd like to take the opportunity to watch and listen to the band to see the potential we have to get back up into the 2nd section. I'll be at the helm for the day if you want to chat with me!

    thanks for reading folks

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