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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ClaireP, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. ClaireP

    ClaireP New Member

    The Bostock Band in Northwich, Cheshire requires a Musical Director to start apprx mid August.

    This post is a temporary one possibly for 6 months or more due to the current MD's personal circumstances. This will be discussed with you should you apply.

    The band is non contesting but works to a good standard circa 4th section standard. Rehearsals are very well attended and the band works hard to entertain to a good standard at concerts. Please see our website at for more information on the band.

    The band rehearses on a Wednesday evening from 7 - 8.30 at The County High School Leftwich in Northwich in the bandroom.

    We are interested to hear from people who can be committed, work well with young and experienced players and can communicate well with an audience during concerts.

    Please feel free to contact me for more information by emailing me at or calling Claire on 07830139803.

    Claire Powlson
  2. AJ Goodfellow

    AJ Goodfellow New Member


    Was wondering how flexible the band would be? Am interested but the time is a little early for me and the day may well also be difficult at times. Could you let me know if flexibility is an option? Also, do you have a full band?

  3. ClaireP

    ClaireP New Member


    The times may be subject to change should the person taking over not be able to get to the band that early. I can appreciate that it is an earlier start than most bands, but if needs be we could talk to the school to see if times could be moved.

    As for the band, we have every seat taken apart from Bb bass which we are actively looking for. As I think I said rehearsals are really well attended and there is a good work rate with the band.

    Please feel free to give me a call to discuss further.

  4. AJ Goodfellow

    AJ Goodfellow New Member

    thanks for your reply. if interested, what do I have to do? Will you audition? Can I be really cheeky and ask how much interest you have had so far?
  5. ClaireP

    ClaireP New Member


    If you are interested could you drop me a line with your relevant experience and contact details so I can get in touch with you? We have had a fair bit of interest already so I would like people to come along and take a rehearsal.

    WINCHESTER New Member

    hi there did you ever find a new m.d as im in the cheshire area many thanks simon winchester
  7. ClaireP

    ClaireP New Member

    We are in the process of auditioning MD's who applied for the post. Things are looking very positive for the future.


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