Musical Director required for East Midlands Band

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    Corby Silver Band (Northamptonshire, East Midlands) are looking to appoint a new Musical Director to start mid November.

    We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic resident conductor to work with the band on a full time basis.

    Currently rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings 8pm – 10pm at the Corby Silver Band Club, although we have the intention of adding an extra rehearsal on Monday evenings after the appointment of a new Musical Director.

    The band play regularly at a variety of engagements including indoor concerts, bandstands and village fetes, around 12 weekend days through the summer months plus about 10 evenings or weekend days during the Christmas period.

    The band is currently in the 4th Section and currently participates in two contests each year.

    We are interested to hear from anyone who can show talent, commitment and ambition, and work well with young and more experienced players.

    If you are interested in this exciting and challenging opportunity, or would like additional information, then please PM me or email

    Please go to the later post of the thread for the most recent requirements.
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    Closing date for applications

    Many thanks to the people who have already been in contact showing interest in this position.

    The closing date for applications is 20th October, so there is still time to contact us if you are interested:

    See our website more information about the band

    Thanks for looking.
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    Selection process taking place

    Now that the closing date has passed, members of the band committee are now in the process of making a selection from the applicants who applied for the vacant position of MD. Interviews and auditions for three short-listed applicants will hopefully take place on Wednesday 26th November, with the appointment of the successful applicant being announced soon after.

    Thanks go to all the applicants who showed an interest in the position of MD for the band - we were thrilled will the amount of response the advertisment received.

    We would also like to thank the MD's who are currently with other bands for their kind offers of help to support the band during this selection process.
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    Corby Silver Band invites applications for the post of Musical Director to lead our rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8-10pm.

    We are looking for a permanent MD who can motivate, encourage and progress the band through creating a hardworking and enjoyable atmosphere, bringing energy and new ideas to the band.

    The band is currently in the 4th section and currently participates in the 'areas' and one or two other contests each year.

    We have a busy schedule of engagements where the band plays at local events including fetes, theatre concerts, church services, charitable functions, and a range of Christmas events.

    The band is based in the town of Corby (5 minutes from the A14), where we benefit from the use of the facilities in our own purpose built band club, including an extensive library of music.

    It is important that the successful applicant will have good communication skills, and is able to work with the wide age range of players within the band.

    The band also welcomes new players of any instrument and ability who are interested in joining us.

    Closing date for applications 31st October 2009

    Please PM or email
    or alternatively phone Pete on 01536 746823
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    Many thanks to the applicants who have already replied for this position.

    The closing date is 31st October, so there is still time to apply, or contact us if you would like further information.


    or phone Pete 01536 746823

    Thanks for looking.