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    Saltash Town Band seeks new Musical Director and Fun loving players


    Saltash Town Band is currently seeking the services of an enthusiastic and experienced MD to take this small but friendly band forwards. We would also be vey happy to welcome some more Cornet, Horn & Trombone players to this family team.

    For more information, please contact our Secretary, Lucy Hall, on 07866 458597 or at :clap: :tup or visit our website at
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    Apologies to everyone for inadvertently breaking the rules on this - I didn't realise this posting had worked otherwise I would never have dreamed of submitting another thread (locked above).

    I'm not very good with this type of technology and it was totally down to human error and not a deliberate ploy to block the channels, so sorry. However, if anyone else accidentally breaks the rules, a slightly kinder comment than the one submitted by the moderator might be appreciated - we're not all techno wizzes. :(

    Tina :oops:
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    Eh? No need to be so touchy - sorry if you were offended - no offence was intended whatsoever - I just haven't got the time to write paragraphs when a few words gets the message across anyway - I never said anything nasty - just a simple short message as to why the other thread was locked.

    Anyway - good luck with the recruitment, and perhaps you'll find this link of interest, it's where people can support tMP for giving bands the opportunity to advertise for free:
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    Saltash Town Band

    :clap: We are pleased to announce a couple of new players to the ranks as well as some returners. However, we would still be happy to welcome experienced cornet players, bass players and trombone.

    If you have just moved to South East Cornwall or come to study at one of Plymouth's fine universities, then why not pop along to Community School one Friday evening. We are only just over the water from Plymouth.

    We rehearse from 7.45 p.m. and are looking foward to the upcoming Christmas season. :clap: