Musical Chairs at Charity Concert

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    Well we had 'fun n games' at last nights charity concert in The Minster of St George, Doncaster!

    Unable to find a Solo Horn player to help out, our 2nd man down, the Assistant, again helped the band out at the last minute and sat on Horn. During the first piece our principle cornet player took ill and had to leave the stage. Our repiano player, who had moved onto 2nd man to cover this position before the concert now found herself playing principle. A big thank you to Ruthless, she did a fantastic job, even played 'You Raise Me Up', the cornet solo having never played it with the band before.

    We were informed by the organisers at the start of the concert that there would not be an interval, which put a lot of pressure on the now 3 front row. When it became apparent that our principle cornet was too ill to return, the Assistant swapped seats again and returned to the front row from Solo Horn, leaving me to cover that position, and one of our two second horns covering 1st horn part.

    All in all, a very unsettling evening, but luckily, our 'deps' did us proud. Well done to everyone to continue giving an excellent performance under these 'stressful' conditions.

    We wish our principle cornet player a speedy recovery.