Music you enjoyed in your youth band days

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    Hi Everybody,
    I conduct the Lofthouse Intermediate/Youth band. I am always on the look out for entertaining music for the players and the audience but I am limited to music that isn't too difficult. Anything that a 'middle of the road' fourth section band could play is as difficult as I was thinking.
    I am looking for some suggestions of pieces that people really enjoyed playing when they were in Youth/Training bands. If you do know who wrote/arranged the piece, please state it, that would make things far easier for me.
    Many Thanks
    Tim Sidwell

    If anyone knows who arranged the easier version 'the A-Team' please let me know.
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    I'm getting on a bit so my youth band days are far behind me. My favourites included Teddy Bears Picnic, The Smurfs, Bandalogy (am I giving my age away). I know some of the favourites that our Youth Band enjoyed included And All That Jazz, Country Roads, Lord of the Rings, Rivers of Babylon.
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    Ooooh so many! Our signature tune with red rose was sex bomb, arranged by Jan van Kraeydonk, which everyone in the band loved. Other classics were:
    • Anna Magdalena's song, arr Steve Cortland
    • Any dream will do, arr Peter Graham
    • Dances with wolves, arr Bernaerts
    • Deep inside the sacred temple, arr K Wilkinson
    • (Everything I do) I do it for you, arr Bernarts
    • Theme from Moulin Rouge, arr Jan van Kraeydonk
    • Memory (from cats), arr Goff Richards
    • Only Time, arr Jan van Kraeydonk
    • Theme from out of africa, arr Bernaerts
    • Pata Pata, arr John Ryan
    None of them are particularly challenging, but kids love them and audiences love singing/clapping along!
  4. Sellers_Bird

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    The Golden Lady - Goff Richards
    Music for a Festival
    Final Countdown
    Trumpet Blues and Cantabile
    Buglers Holiday
    Can Can (legendary)
    Appalachian Mountain Folk Suite thing
    When I'm 64

    I'll think of some more.... :rolleyes:
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    Here are some pieces i remeber that may be of use which have not yet been mentioned:

    Barnard castle
    Bandstand boogie
    Those magnificent men in their flying machines
    In the hall of the mountain king
    Magnificent seven
    Everyone's favourite - floral dance!!

    Hope some of these are of use !
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    Doyen? I was just thinking about that the other day, was surprised that anyone else had heard of it.

    Theres the old favourite "Chorale and Rockout" that I've heard many a band murder.
    One that I used to love we've just got out at Stannington, and that's "Battle Hymn of the Republic".

    I'd have to have a really good think for more as I've got a memory like one of those metal mesh things for draining vegetables, what's it called again? ;-)
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    Simoraine - C.Barraclough
    Songs of the Quay- Goff Richards
    Entertainments - Gilbert Vinter
    Ruslakas Song to the Moon
    Czardas arr Sykes
    Hooked on Classics
    Carnival Ovurture - Dvorak
    Force of Destiny - Verdi
    Margam Stones - Gareth Wood
    Procession to the Minster - arr Snell
    remember playing "Youth Salutes a Master" eric ball with the Beaumaris youth band in the early days with a bit of success
    just some of the pieces we did with the Gwynedd County Youth Band 1988-1999 ish
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    Come on guys - Tim asked for music that wasn't too difficult! :rolleyes:

    Procession to the Minster and Riverdance? Trumpet Blues and Cantabile? Bit hard for an intermediate youth band I should have thought - I've heard 3rd section bands murder these. :tongue:
  9. hehe i liked...
    Clog Dance, Dances With Wolves, Crazy Music In The Air, Scooby Doo, Hootenanny, Instant Concert, erm, I'll ask my little sister what they play there now and i'll let ya know xx
  10. Bungle

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    The only ones I remember are Skye boat song, Jamie's Patrol, Listen to the band, All in the April evening and 'See the conquering hero' from a small blue book. We recorded an LP. I'll have look what pieces were on that. Our band has the 'The final countdown' I sure they would gladly give it to you for free :D
  11. DaveR

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    I think we did things like Swinging Safari, We run them in, Slaidburn :rolleyes: Cossack Patrol etc. I'm trying to remember what we recorded too! It was a long time ago now, and I don't think I have a copy of the cassette anymore!
  12. sparkling_quavers

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    that used to be my fave piece as a kid! david of the white rock, bandology, swinging safari and young amadeus spring to mind.
  13. andyp

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    Another good film theme fairly easy - "Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron".
  14. tubafran

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    Not particularly from a youth band but should be suitable

    Captain Beaky - Parker, Frank Bryce - Studio Music
    Carillon - Herbie Flowers, Denzil Stephens - Rosehill
    Cavatina - Myers, Derek Broadbent - Studio Music
    Cranberry Corners USA - Klien, Denzil Stephens - Sarnia
    Jamican Rumba - Benjamin, Spurgin - B&H
    Portugese Party - Vinter - Studio Music
    The Lion King - Elton John - Bearnarts
    Slappa my Thighs (oh mrs) - Grunweld - MFB
    Sweet Ginger Breadman - Banks - Studio
    Three Dale Dances - Wood, Herbert - B&H
    Thunderbirds - Gray, Frank Bryce - MSL
    We All Stand Together - Paul McCartney, Howe - MSL

    and not to forget in his 250th Birthday Year The Young Amadeus - Mozart, de Han - De haske
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    kids like any tune they know especially if it's been in a recent film or has been recorded by one of their favourite pop stars
  16. KMJ Recordings

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    Must've been some Band Nick ;)

    Not sure about Hooked on Classics, though :eek:
  17. Bungle

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    You could always goto the IBEW CD listing section here and here and search for 'youth' and that should show you what pieces youth bands have recorded.
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    aye the infamous Gwynedd youth Brass Band....we recorded a tape back in 1991 with Simoraine , Entertainments , Force of Destiny , Rusalka , songs of the quay , Czardas , and a few others...
    the usual suspects in the band at the time
    Iwan Williams ( YBS)
    Mike Jones ( Wire Brass former YBS and Point of Ayr)
    Dyl ( TMP all star)
    Euros Williams ( YBS)
    Eilir Williams( YBS , Wingates)
    Big Gav ( leyland , faireys , BAYV , YBS etc etc..he's been about a bit) ;) Saynor
    OTDavies ( NYBBW , Beaumaris)
    Sion Wyn Hughes ( Deiniolen)
    Rhun Roberts ( Menai Bridge)
    Glyn Williams ( NYBBW , Fodens)

    What sticks in my mind is an outdoor job at Glynllifon near Caernarfon around 1989 was
    freezing cold and a concert with Bryn Terfel...all good fun as I remember a brilliant band and a great laugh and mates made for life ( well so far anyway)
  19. KMJ Recordings

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    Who? :hammer

    As I said, some Band :D

    I seem to remember enjoying playing Derek Bourgois' Aspirations - although I've not heard anything of it since it was used as the Youth Section National piece in the early 80s....

    There's a load of concert stuff out there (some has already been mentioned) - are you looking for any particular kind of music or just anything?
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    Bandstand Boogie was my favourite ever piece. Its ace :p :tongue:
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