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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hellraiser, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. hellraiser

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    Hi, I need to get hold of some freebie software on the net that will allow me to write music, as my handwriting is appalling! Just something simple, easy to use will do, don't need anything fancy, but something that can transpose music would be a bonus. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. brassneck

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  3. hellraiser

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    Thanks, I'll give that a go and let you know if it's any good!
  4. Dawnys_flug

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    Try finale notepad. It's just like a basic version of finale and has playback etc. It's pretty good for free! Give it a try!

  5. skweeky

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    the best bet is to pay for 1
  6. Hollie

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  7. Dawnys_flug

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    Nice one Hollie, I couldn't remember the link! ;)
  8. brasscrest

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    I use a package called Lime, which is programmed by a group at a major American university. It is shareware, the registration is $65 US. It has all the major features of the "big" packages, including playback, although the output isn't quite as pretty, good enough for regular band stuff but probably not publication-quality. Has both Mac and Windows versions. Does not require a large amount of computer resources, so will run on older/less capable machines.

    The link is
  9. Naomi McFadyen

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    Noteworthy composer.... I hate it... but, you know, it's free soooooooooooo... what d'ya expect! :lol: (search for it on google!)

    Else, go on Sibelius' website and download the demos...
    OR, do what I did, and buy it!! :lol: ;)
  10. mikelyons

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    I agree with Naomi and skweeky. Eventually you are gonna need a full copy of a decent program. As with all 'freeware' there's always something missing or lacking in what it can do.
  11. GJG

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    Indeed, for example, Finale "Notepad" will not allow you to change key or time signatures within a piece. However, the Finale family of products includes a couple of intermediate packages, "PrintMusic" and "Allegro" which are both considerably cheaper than either Sibelius or the full version of Finale. PrintMusic is the next level up from Notepad, and retails in the UK for around £60; it will easily handle a basic brass band score (max 24 staves - Notepad allows only eight)

    Here is a link to a comparison chart:

    The best course is probably to download, install and register the free Notepad package, just to get a feel for how the program works; I don't know for certain, but there are probably then some promo/upgrade offers available if you decide to go further.

  12. TheMusicMan

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    Hmmm... this sounds to me like a potential 'tMP Library' thread. ???

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