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    Does anyone who has had anything to do with school choirs/music groups have any music/songs/arrangements they wouldn't mind parting with? One I'm looking for in particular I heard a few years back at a concert, and was something about 'My Dad' - it was great fun for both the youngsters and the audience.
    We've started a small group within a local primary school to see if being part of such a group can improve outcomes under the Every Child Matters (ECM) framework, and is aimed at raising self-esteem and confidence in children not so blessed academically, and who are not in a position to access any wider opportunities provision. Hopefully it will potentially have a positive effect on their academic achievements too.
    This is a pilot scheme for us which we would like to roll out County wide if we can measure some success. We've applied for funding, but won't know til October if successful. In the meantime I'd reimburse postage costs. Cheers!
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    Sounds interesting.

    I have not had anything to do with Choirs in the past
    But... have just stared writing for Brass Band and SATB Choir :)
    See This Score

    Every Child does matter.. I have been involved with Trash Arts and the Scottish National Funneloniums both of which aim to help get all children from all walks of life into music making in a all inclusive not exclusive way.
    Self Esteem is important for all children.

    Let me know exactly what you want/bespoke and I will see what I can do to help by way of original pdf's.
    at the very least I can advertise your cause on the FMFK Website.
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    Hi Fiona,

    This sounds like a really good cause, I'm in the middle of writing a Choir Piece at the moment (my 1st one). Once finished, you can have it. If you send me your email address I'll forward in PDF to save postage.

    Good Luck!

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    That's fab Lee! The school is one of those that has a high proportion of children who are on the 'Special needs' register ( I hate that phrase). We hope that those with challenging behaviour especially will find some benefit from this - we've even got a wee lad who is fab at rapping! What a find! :D We hope to buy the usual instruments found in schools ie glock, chime bars, etc as many lack co-ordination skills so we'd like to give them a chance to play something. The potential with the group is enormous, and I can't wait to see how it develops!
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    Hi Jon - thanks for this Jon. We've got a couple who play violin and another who play guitar, so we'd like to give them the opportunity to join in (haven't heard them yet though but have had experience of beginner violinists :wow) Obviously the simpler the better - the kids are looking at Disney songs at the moment just to get the momentum going, but we'd love to introduce them to all types of music.
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    Im working on something at the moment for Junior Brass called "Teacups" intended to express the sensation of a kiddies Teacup ride at a fairground.
    It has simple but essential percussion which could be a way to get less abled kids involved.... however I could write a Vocal Chorus part into it as well, as it is quite 'riffy' No Lyrics, just great sounds to sing/shout at choice times in the music.
    Could additionally release it in M-M-One format with backing track, percussion and choral parts to print out ?
    If you have a Junior Band to hand, they could also be included instead of the backing track.
    A rap break could be inserted as could some melody parts in concert pitch instruments/chords for Guitarists.

    ETA for the piece on FMFK -about 7 days time or sooner.
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    Hi Jon - sorry I haven't replied sooner - been up for a wedding :D This sounds fab! Ever so grateful for this and the other responses :woo
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    Teacups is available now on FMFK free for brass bands...

    I have also added a M-M-One (music minus one) backing track and song chart for kids to be guided by.
    I have tried to make it as engaging for fresh musos as I can.
    Good luck with the search...

    Lee's work (Mr Ratty) is fantastic. Im sure he will come up with something great !
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    Hi Fiona

    I've got an arrangement of "By the Waters of Babylon" (the traditional round) for band and 3 voice parts. You're very welcome to that if it's of interest. You can download a PDF set of score and parts from my website here: It's the bottom one on the list. It's pretty flexible, so you can add whatever percussion you wish. If the key's not right for your voices, let me know. I'm sure I'll be able to do something appropriate.


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    Gentlemen, this is great! I'll get some shut eye then have a gander and a download! Many thanks :D