Music Tuition problems in Wales!!!

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    Just spotted this on BBC Wales website!!!!

    Estyn is the welsh equivalent of OFSTED by the way!Here is what they have said-

    Seems a bit dodgy that this comes to light a year after the fnding stopped!

    Just seems mad that the Welsh Assembly has done this considering the success this scheme has provided - just look at the National Youth contest in the RNCM a few weeks back for only one example!

    Don't know whether this will affect the National ensembles as well as I think they get funding from the Arts council of Wales
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    I agree that this lack of funding will seriously affect the standard of tuition, and therefore achievement in music in Wales. I wrote to my AM last year about this, and the reply I received seem to suggest that nothing was at all wrong.

    In Carmarthenshire, the MDF money was used to provide advanced players with an individual lesson from the county's peripatetic teachers, as opposed to sharing a lesson in a larger group which could reduce their chances of development.

    I'm not entirely sure of the National ensembles - the WJEC run the Orchestra and Theatre and the others are run by WAMF (not sure where these organisations receive their money). The courses are expensive enough already (I paid £170 for the Wind Orchestra) and the lack of funding may mean that they become even more so, or that local authorities won't have the means to help out pupils who want to attend these courses.

    The Wind Orchestra's final concert last night coincided with a conference of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, whose last meeting that day was, ironically, 'Music in Education.' Hopefully they were suitably impressed by what they heard to try and change the funding situation!