Music Through The Ages - New for Junior Band

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    Music Through The Ages
    Comp. Steve Robson

    A great new release for Junior/Youth band offering a superb collection of 7 pieces/movements which take the players and audience on an imaginary journey through 2000 years of music, guided by an optional narration.

    The piece was originally written by Steve Robson for the Stanhope Junior Band and has proved a great success in the number of performances they have given. The Music Company are now delighted to bring it to general release, enabling the many other Junior/Youth bands around the world to benefit from the careful and considerate writing of this composer.

    Music Through The Ages offers some great flexibility too, as it can either be performed in all its glory as a complete work with a narrator educating and introducing each new movment, or performed simply by selecting any of the individual movements to suit and complement the concert programme requirements.

    The movements progress in style through 2000 years ...

    1. Fanfare - a nice 'sit up and listen' opener
    2. The Passing of the VIth Legion - An evocative 'Roman Patrol' style
    3. The Journey of St Cuthbert - Based on the Plainchant style
    4. The Honorable Robert Shafto - A late Baroque style movement
    5. The Capable Mr Mozart - A classical style Rondo
    6. Sans Pareil (Without Equal) - A strident march
    7. The Angel of the North - A refreshing contemporary movement to bring the piece to a close with gusto!

    The optional narration introduces each movement providing historical fact and a background to the inspiration behind the music, setting the scene for the next movement to be heard.

    The script is incorporated into the conductor's score and also provided as a separately bound copy, giving customers the choice for the narration to be offered by the conductor or a separate compere.

    The collection is scored for:
    Cornet 1, Cornet 2, Cornet 3, flugel, 1st Eb Horn, 2nd Eb Horn, 1st Baritone, 2nd Baritone, 1st Trombone, 2nd Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Bass, Bb Bass, Percussion (including in various movements Timpani, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tenor Drum, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Drum Kit).

    To accommodate education based bands it is also provided with additional parts for:
    1st F Horn, 2nd F Horn, 1st Trombone in Bass Clef, 2nd Trombone in Bass Clef.

    You can now view sample score extracts at

    It's been wonderful to read on tMP about a number of bands starting up and developing new training/youth bands. So now's the perfect time to let them have some excellent new music! Music Through The Ages is original in its writing, appealing in its approach, playable in its scoring and entertaining in its performance.

    Music Through The Ages

    Available from The Music Company (UK) Ltd

    Price: £35.00 (for complete collection of parts, conductor's score and narrator's script)

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