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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Band_Beefcake, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I am looking for any advice on music selections for a tour this year.
    My band are planning to go to Germany this summer and I am looking at planning the concerts we will perform whilst there. I am wondering if anyone out there has suggestions for music that might be particularly popular with German audiences at all?

    Any advice would be well received.


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    Dam Busters, 633 squadron, The Eagle has landed, Escape to victory. Any of those should go down a treat, theres nowt gerry enjoys more than the theme music to a good old war film !

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  6. Adamskied

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    Aces high..
  7. Ianroberts

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    And of course if you can track down the theme music to the 66 world cup, Fritz would be putty in your hands.

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    Did a tour last summer with a 3rd section band, our repertoire was;

    Abba Goes Brass arr Alan Fernie
    Trombone Solo Over The Rainbow arr Alan Fernie
    Love Divine arr Alan Fernie
    Manhatten Skyline arr Alan Catherall
    When Thunder Calls – Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Flugel Solo Misty arr D Barry
    Amazing Grace arr William Himes
    Sir Duke arr Goff Richards
    You’ve Been W’rned – Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Eb Bass Solo Bare Necessity arr Leigh Baker
    Skyfall arr P Sparke
    Famous British Marches

    The audience liked the two PLC pieces, loved Skyfall and Abba. But interestingly the two pieces I got most feedback over were Amazing Grace and Love Divine.

    Hope that helps
  9. Get in contact with Dan Price. He went to Germany last a Summer with Blackley and put a great programme together.
  10. bbg

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    Perthshire Brass have been regular visitors to Bavaria over the years, and generally a good mix of general concert music does the trick, especially if most jobs are outdoors so nothing "special" comes to mind - although as mentioned above, "Amazing Grace" always goes down a treat (but then when performed by band and solo bagpiper, at nearly midnight one summer evening in a castle courtyard it was a real "hairs on back of neck" moment!)

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