Music Service Cuts in Scotland

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    Hi Folks

    We have a Local Authority up here ....... Renfrewshire ........ which plans to cut the number of music instructors it employs by 7 from a total of 17.

    A number of these will be brass instructors. This flies in the face of all the good work that has been done by other councils and the Scottish Brass Band Association in increasing the number of kids who have started playing.

    As you are aware cutbacks such as this are always top of the list when savings have to be made ........ easy target. We are concerned that this may be the thin edge of the wedge and know that other LA's are watching to see if Renfrewshire get away with their plans. If so it could spread throughout Scotland.

    Renfrewshire was one of the first LA's in Scotland to offer instrumental instruction 40 odd years ago and many of Scotland's brass bands have reason to be grateful to them for doing so.

    There is a special meeting being held on 2 April to attempt to overturn this decision. Can I urge you all to sign the iPetitions by following these links to show your support for the members of staff concerned.

    Thanks in advance to all tmprs for supporting this cause.

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    Hey there. I read the article on 4barsrest about this not too long ago, and I was rather angry about it. Children need encouragement in taking up an instrument. Are they also thinking of changing individual tuition lessons from every week to every two weeks? *sigh* I'm so disappointed in the Local Authority.
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    I wish you luck, having seen first hand, the cutbacks made in Stockport.

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