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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Texus, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Texus

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    My band are currently working on the fantastic piece 'Masque' by Mr Downie. It's a great piece and quite challenging. Just wanted to know if anybody had any information on other releases by the composer (apart from St. Magnus and the Promised Land - both great), and what publishers release them.

    Also, how can one contact Mr Downie with a view to commissioning new work?

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. DaveR

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    Anybody playing in the first section at Butlins this weekend will be playing his Music for the Common Man. I also like his Music from Kantara.

    I would say that he can be contacted via his website: but I can't see any contact details on there. You could probably go via WorldofBrass though -they distribute his music.
  3. Texus

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    Cheers. Good luck at the wkend if your going.
  4. Active Member

    Thank you. World of Brass do indeed distribute music published by Kenneth Downie by his own company Kantaramusik. In fact, we have a specific section on our website devoted to his Kantaramusik publications.
    He has also had music published by Egon, Winwood (formerly Rosehill) and The Salvation Army, much of which is also listed on our website; downie&op=band&submit=Search

    There's some useful biographical stuff on Wikipedia too;
  5. johnflugel

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    Kenneth Hesketh has written a work called 'Masque' - have both Kenneth's written a piece with the same title?
  6. ISBBBb2

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    I think a band has released a CD full of Kens music?
  7. jingleram

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    Ah would that be Brighouse you're talking about there D? With 'Purcell Variations' :D
  8. brassneck

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  9. PeterBale

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    Well, despite our last place :mad: , we've really enjoyed working on "Music for the Common Man" ;)
  10. Andy_Euph

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    I love Ken Downie's Cappriccio, need a cracking Eb bass though :D
  11. matthetimp

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    St. Austell Suite is another he has wrote
  12. The Judge

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    Purcell Variations - quality quality quality.

    You may have guessed I like that one!
  13. matthetimp

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    Good perc part in that one too.
  14. SteveDunster

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    "Purcell Variations" is my favourite.

    Kenneth Downie is for sure a quality composer!

  15. Ffion Flugel

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    In Perfect Peace is amazing
  16. GingerMaestro

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    I think it was Kenneth Downie who arranged it but "Deep Harmony"
    A real atmospheric peace like his "In Perfect Peace"
  17. Gorgie boy

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    Does anyone know 'The Father's Blessing'? That is total class as well. Princethorpe Variations is a wonderful piece too.

    Ken has written quality music over a sustained period of time, and I for one think it's great that he is getting a wider level of recognition now. He is a real gentleman also.
  18. PeterBale

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    "Music of Thanksgiving" is one of my favourites, although I'm not convinced by the "revisited" version.

    Also "Through the Blood of the Lamb", complete with BBb bass solo ;)
  19. johnflugel

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    Music of Thanksgiving or Music for a Joyful Occasion?

    I don't know how to do a wink on here Peter!
  20. PeterBale

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    Sorry, yes, it is "Music for a Joyful occasion" ;)

    Smilie is ;) ( ; followed by ) - no space! ) or change the setting in your Profile to allow smilies & other advanced editing ;)