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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DocFox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. jobriant

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    I've lost no sleep over this, nor will I.
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  2. Slider1

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    Are Salvationist's blessed with superior vision? A lot of their music must be on Microfilm. :):)
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  3. PeterBale

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    When we turn to some of the older SA repertoire the print does indeed seem very small, and is even worse for the solo cornets, who often have divisi parts to decypher as well. Things are much better now, the downside being that less of the repertoire is able to fit in a lyre for open-air work, which I'm sure was a major factor in the past.
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  4. Euphman2

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    Join my club
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  5. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Jim, you were mostly right about the Sousa statement. The "lost march" was put into the public domain. You never publically acknowledged that I profoundly apologized. Ah .. so what. I also said you had some fine ideas. Why did I not do them in public? I wanted to shut the door on this whole mess. But you did have some good ideas, were mostly right about Sousa, and we both do not know the truth about copyright laws. I cited one journal and could have cited 50 (which would have been boring).

    I have been touchy, and I apologized for that. I apologized to you and to Euphman2. Such politeness is rarely receprocated. Those who read this board know I suffer from great pain. Even with an Egrobone, I cannot hold up my trombone any longer. I have been short tempered. Apologies are not sufficient unless the behavior stops. In my case, that has not happened. It probably will not as there is too much history. All I can say is I tried. I was a big enough person to apologize. That will never happen in the other direction making even harder for me to act differently.

    I am going to ask the moderators to close my account. I never got my advertising -- they took my money and didn't have to work with me to form an advert. Money out-the-window. I am well-liked and well-loved outside of this board. I am not saying it is the board's fault. It is just a fact to consider. 1008 posts with 900 with no problems.

    Anyway, to be consistent, I have closed my Facebook Account (I had not looked at it in 5 years), my GoodReads Account, and the account on this board. I have many things to do and I will do them. One last time, Jim, I was wrong and way too touchy. My problem to deal with. No need to respond. I am off to do other things.
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  6. Mesmerist

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    I am saddened that you feel the need to leave although I must admit to a feeling of relief if this is the end of all the silly arguments that seem to follow you around the threads. Best of luck with your radio station and I hope you are soon out of pain and feel much better. :)
  7. jobriant

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  8. notthebest

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    He'll be back, he cant help himself !
  9. jobriant

    jobriant Member

    In his private message to me he said he wouldn't post here any more, and then he did. Now he tells us all that he's closed several online accounts, all because of this brouhaha over being told that he'd made a couple of inaccurate statements. I think we're supposed to feel guilty about "forcing" him to withdraw from society in shame, or something of the sort. Sorry, but I'm not about to get sucked into "drama for the sake of posturing" in the life of someone I don't know.

    You're probably correct in your prediction.
  10. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    And you, Mr Ian Roberts, are one of the main culprits in hounding the poor man.
  11. notthebest

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  12. notthebest

    notthebest New Member

    And you are talking about something you know absolutely nothing about again. Your post No 29 in the Rehearsal Absentee's thread was a very poor attempt at trying to look clever and stirring up the forum (you do that quite a lot ive noticed) and deserved a reply. You obviously dislike me nearly as much as I do you so lets just leave it there eh without any conniving !

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  13. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Hello 'notthebest'. It's a bit of a surprise that you're back and you'd be correct in saying that I didn't know any details of your departure or reserection. Anyway you are back and yes people are wondering what happened to you and Bbmad, please would you tell us?

    I appreciate that Mesmerist blew your cover but you might like to take the moral high-ground, and some heat out of the situation, by editing your post to restore her anonymity.
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  14. notthebest

    notthebest New Member

    I dont know myself. Moral high ground has never been a specialty of mine so i wont edit as it is only treating her with the same contempt she has for me. I dont want to fall out, but I will fight my corner and you will notice that I replied to her original comment and started nothing.
  15. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Hello again, Ian. Mezzie didn't blow your cover, your inimitable writing style did that.:eek:
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  16. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    I do note that you replied to her original comment which I believe was: "Talking of absentees, have I missed something? What's happened to Bbmad and Mr R? Have they moved over to the orchestra?". Like you I'm a man who likes a joke, I laughed at that comment and moved on. As you did not see the funny side of her comment maybe you might now feel some empathy for those other posters who couldn't see the humour in your posts?

    It's good to see that you don't want to fall out with anyone, a perfect follow up to that would be taking Mesmerist's comment 'on the chin' and restoring her anonymity. As they say: 'if you can't take it then don't hand it out'.

    As for humour and banter the good natured exchanges last night on the rehearsal absentees thread shows amongst the best of this place and did give me much to laught about and enjoy, as an added benefit the members joking together held strongly divergent views on Brexit but put past differences to one side.
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  17. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    I'd agree with that. Whilst there have been times I confes I've got a bit (secretly) exasperated with the Doc's reaction, I put that down to a Brit/American thing (although Jim OB's response seems to indicate it wasn't.). But I have no hard feelings against him and Doc if you are reading this, all the best for the future with following the brass band world. Some of the things you've posted - such as the mouthpiece comparison stuff - has been really interesting to me (but I am a band geek after all)

    I'm also kind of glad to see Ian back although I'm hoping its a slightly toned down version. Banter is one thing, it did get out of hand before. I'm with you 2T, hopefully he'll do the decent thing and edit his post to restore Mesmerists anonymity. I don't think her first name was a secret - I've seen other people refer to her by that before - but full names are a bit much when "revealed" by others.
    Personally I think a lot of the issues of this board do stem from people hiding behind aliases - I don't make my identity a secret, which means I always try and engage brain before mouth - may not always happen but I do TRY......I don't really fancy someone laying into me verbally or otherwise at a contest or other banding event.
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