Music from WW2 Era

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    Hi Folks

    Does anyone know if the following peices are available anywhere as a single peice as opposed to part of a selection?

    We'll Meet Again
    White Cliffs of Dover
    Any Glen Miller Tunes

    Much appreciated


    ps - Any other ideas welcome music a 4th section band can play please
  2. tubafran

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    I've played a Sieberts arrangment of Moonlight Serenade and there is a separate Jack Peberdy arrangement of We'll Meet Again (but that's the theme tune to an 80s TV programme of the same name not the Vera Lynn song though).

  3. tubafran

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    A few other pieces that could be used although not genuine WW2 music as they're all from films about the period

    As Time Goes By
    A Bridge too Far
    Colonel Bogey
    Concert March from 1941 (bit iffy as this was a Steven Spielberg spoof/comedy about war)
    Great Escape
    Hymn to the Fallen
    Midway (Battle of)
    Where Eagles Dare

    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    We've got a Vera Lynn medley thats got both tunes in it (It has 4 altogether). Its a german composition for a military band but it works ok with just brass players. We also have 'In the mood' and the 'Glenn Miller special' that was published a few years ago.
  5. Straightmute

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    Darroll Barry's 'Keep Smiling Through' selection contains everything you need. I'm sure that the numbers could be used separately if required.


    PS Dragon Music have a nice arrangement of Glen Miller's 'I Know Why and So Do You'...
  6. WoodenFlugel

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    Darrol Barry's selection "Keep Smiling Through" includes "The White Cliffs of Dover" and "We'll Meet Again", as well as a number of other wartime songs - Lilly Marlane, The Army The Navy and The Airforce (??) and some others which I can't remember offhand (please feel free to add...). It's straightforward enough so should be OK for you to play and (AFAIK) the arrangements fit the words too.
  7. brass journo

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    The Army, The Navy and the Air Force
    Lili Marlene
    The White Cliffs of Dover
    We'll Meet Again

    the music happens to be sat next to me as we are doing it with a choir at a concert in 2 weeks time!!

  8. michellegarbutt

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    Try contacting Kirkbymoorside band. I heard them in a concert last year. Their solo baritone player sang with the band and they certainly did Don't sit under the apple tree and I think they also did boogie woogie bugle boy.
  9. Hornblower RN

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    There's a nice arrangement of A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square available for brass band which features the flugel to start. Played it with Penclawdd a couple of years ago. That always goes down well with WWII generation.
  10. Will the Sec

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    Except then the drummer has a "moment" and goes off at around MM=240 at the start of Lili Marlene (Though that's being kind. It was more like 300.) The trombones took the decision to play at the conductor's speed, (*shock*) as the triplet passages were difficult enough, thank you very much.

    Aaaah, the heady days at Harlow....