Music for solo euph/baritone and piano

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    Walthers Prize Song - Wagner arr Denis Wright
    Hail Ancient Walls - Bizet arr Howard Snell
    If you can get hold of Tomrod Flaten at Eikanger , there are some great arrangments for Euph and small ensemble , Michelangelo arr Frode Rydland , Rev Archie Beaton arr Frode Rydland...brilliant arrangements :)
    Bjorn Brielstein ( sorry about the spelling , Bjorn is the conductor of Tertnes Brass , used to be the solo Euph player at Manger , I have a recording from Norwegian Radio of Bjorn playing the John Golland Euph concerto with Piano , really good to work at too)
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    Walters prize song is a personal favourite - lovely piece...

    The usual air vaires? You can get Grandfathers Clock as a piano arrangement...

    I recently bought some straightforward stuff for playing to the kids at school - I will post up the details when i get home... :tup
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    Hi iceman, depending on the ability of the player, I would probably sugest the Derick Kane Euphonium Album, it comes with piano accompaniment and a CD which has a brass band playing the backing track. It has pieces of varying degrees of difficulty (ok, some are really rather hard) but I have found it great to use with the euph/bari pupils that I teach. I got it from world of brass
    Hope this is of use to you.
    Tinkabell x
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    Euphonium solis

    Thanks Tinkabell, already ordered!

    regards from

    Ole Irgens
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    Euphoria by Richard Grantham, premiered by Michael Howley is now available with piano accompaniment.
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    Some good stuff for Bari with Piano:

    Holiday Pictures for Bb Baritone and Piano by Richard Graves, Emerson Edition 360.
    Has five pieces with piano accompaniament:
    Lancashire Clog Dance
    Picardy Pastorale
    Deep South Spiritual
    Nordic Nocturne
    Gipsy Czardes
    Graves: HOLIDAY PICTURES ( Euphonium )
    Instrumentation: bar. pft. Grade: B/C
    Pub.ref: E360
    Price: £8.50

    Summer Suite for Bb Baritone and Piano by June Emerson. Emerson edition 359.
    Summer morning, Fiday Market and On the Prom (Kiss me quick).
    Emerson/Scott: SUMMER SUITE ( Euphonium )
    Instrumentation: bar. pft. Grade: B
    Pub.ref: E359
    Price: £5.50

    All on
    For a decent price too... Should be straight forward and all nice little tunes...

    Hope its of some use... :D
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    Bari and piano

    Yes, thanks a lot, and also thanks for suggestions from others!


    Ole Irgens

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