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    W. Yorkshire
    Grange Moor Band are raising funds to go to Pontins this year and we are selling music that is duplicated in our library. Its not all "yellow" music and some of it is like new.

    I can either sell it as a job lot or if anyone sees a specific piece they fancy, I can do that aswell. Offers are welcomed, just PM me!

    All scores are COMPLETE and some we even have 2 sets to sell.

    PM me if you require further infomation! :D

    Little Lisa -
    La Vie en Rose - Edrich Siebiert
    Lazy Trumpeter
    Little Suite for Brass
    - Malcolm Arnold
    Lord of Isles -
    W. Rimmer
    Everything I do, I do it for you - F. Bernaerts
    Eternal Flame - F. Bernaerts
    Grandfathers Clock
    - Geo Doughty
    The King and I - R. Rodgers
    James - Bond Theme -
    W. Renlton
    Jerusalem - Sydney Herbert
    Jolson Memores- Stephen Young
    I don’t know how to love him - Flugel Solo - Walter
    Irving Berlin for Brass - Stephen Duro
    He aint heavy, he's my brother - Walter
    Folk Festival for band ( Hootenanny ) - Harold C. Walters & Stephen Duro
    Theme from Hettty Waintrop Investigates - Cornet SoloBill - Geldard
    - Goff Richards
    Michael, Row the Boat
    - Maurice Gardner
    You'll Never Walk Alone - Darrol Barry
    Eye Level - Richardson
    Elizabethan Serenade - Edrich Siebiert
    Champions (contest march) - Willcocks
    A Dale's Suite - Arthur Butterworth
    David of the white rock & Angels voices - Willcocks
    Die Felsenmuhle - Drake Rimmer
    Sinfonietta Pastorale (a known test piece) Henry Geehl
    Sussex by the sea - Retford
    Seventy six trombones - Meredith Wilson
    My fair lady - Frederick Loewe
    Marching trumpets - Frank Seymour
    Love changes everything -
    Stephen Bulla
    - Goff Richards
    Souvenirs de France - Ronald Hammer
    Famous poem
    - John Ord Hume
    Paint your wagon -
    Frederick Loewe
    MacArthur Park-
    Jim Webb-
    Music -
    Philip Sparke
    Reflections - Flugel Horn Solo -
    Reginald Heath
    Ploughboy - Ebb / Bbb Solo - Edrich Siebiert
    Power of Love - Jack Peberdy
    Paloma Blanca - Edrich Siebiert
    March of the peers ( Iolanthe ) - Drake
    Overture to youth
    - Eric Hughes
    The old hudredth psalm tune ( 3 cornets only ) - Ray Douglas
    Snowdens fantasy
    Gounod -
    Gustav Host
    Hallelujah Chrous from Handels Messiah - Harold Moss
    Songs of England
    - W. Rimmer
    When the saints go marching in - T. J. Powell
    Wild, wild west - Ronald Hammer
    Gems of Haydn - W. Rimmer
    Poet and peasent -
    The rhythmic danube
    - Sam B Wood
    Teddy bears picnic -
    Veteran songs - W. Rimmer
    Where e'er you walk - Handel
    March of the cobblers - Edrich Siebiert
    Three impressions for brass - Arthur Butterworth
    Sousa on parade - Denis Wright
    Standard of st. george - Keith Alford
    Summertime - soprano solo -
    - David Rose
    New world fantasy - Gordon Langford
    Oklahoma - Richard Rodgers
    Pathfinders march - Beckingham
    Spanish eyes -
    F. Bryce
    Star dust -
    J. H. Howe
    Sound of Music -
    Denis Wright
    Spartacus (for my love) - Charles/Newell
    Streets of London - Solo Horn -
    Derek Ashmore
    Sailing - F. Bryce
    633 Squadron F- . Bryce
    Gems of Chopin - W. Short
    Iona - Solo Horn - Allison
    The Acrobat X 2
    Air from suite D
    All through the night
    Barber of Seville
    Beatles Melody No.1 X 2
    Beatles Melody No.2 X 1
    Best of Abba X 2
    Best of the Seekers
    Blaydon Races
    Bridge over troubled water
    Bright Eyes
    A brown bird singing
    Close to you
    Hawaii 5-O
  2. 2ndslidedown

    2ndslidedown New Member

    W. Yorkshire
  3. 2ndslidedown

    2ndslidedown New Member

    W. Yorkshire

    After a lot of enquiries into purchasing music, I have decided to make it fair and easy by putting the music on ebay.

    Have a look - its for a good cause and there are bargains to be had, with all scores starting off at £1!! There aren't many places you can buy full scores for £1. I will be adding more to this link as the week goes on!

    Happy bidding!!:D

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