Music for Joint Brass Band / Wind Band Concert

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by David Mann, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. David Mann

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    We have a trip to france in May and the local "Harmonie" want to do a couple of items with us. I'm aware that we'll have to solve some transposition, tuning and clef issues. I'm looking for a concert finisher that's not too difficult, yet can show off both ensembles. I will call Nigel at MMI as he has some arrangements made for both Brass band and concert band. Has anyone got any recommendations, especially if you have done a concert like this?
  2. ploughboy

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    Spanish Fever by . . .oh now you've got me! It was written for the Fabia All-stars, it's a rock jazz type thing with a hint of Latin, We just gave all the brass parts to the band and played the windband arrangement. I'll have a look for more details when i'm back in on Monday.

    We also did, the wind band arrangement of Hymn to the Fallen, that worked well. And we did Barnard castle. . . everyone's copy works!

    The concert was Emley (3rd section) and my school Concert band who are a good standard.
  3. Brian Bowen

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    Take a look at the new TradeWinds series issued by R. Smith & Co.

    Its first issue features wind band versions of established SA brass band pieces. They're in the same keys and united performance by wind and brass bands is possible.

    Already available:

    The Red Shield (H. Goffin)
    The Call of the Righteous (L. Condon)
    Light-Walk (B. Gott)
    Keep Me Praising (Mackereth)
    Time to Shine (Mackereth)
    Our Father (G. Camsey)
  4. Anno Draconis

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    Moorside Suite? I know there is a Wind Band version, although I don't know if it's in the same key....
  5. brassneck

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    Gordon Jacob arranged it in 1960 for wind band. It's at the same pitch as the brass band version.
  6. Nigel Hall

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    Hi David,

    All of our Concert Band pieces are in the same pitch so there would be no problems with both bands playing them.
  7. PeterBale

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    Several of Philip Sparke's pieces are available in versions for brass/wind/fanfare bands, and they always go down well. The same applies to several works by, Martin Ellerby, Kenneth Heskey and Peter Graham.

    We used the "Hymn to the fallen" referred to above at our Remembrance Festival which we did with an RAF band, but it does work best with chorus as well. Going back into the archives, several of the classics were published in brass and reed versions, including works such as "Finlandia", "Henry Wood's Sea Songs" and "Pomp and Circumstance No 1", although the local band may not react very kindly to being asked to join in "Rule Britannia" ;)
  8. Bryan_sop

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    I seem to remember doing Bandology with a wind and brass band together when I was a kid?
  9. David Mann

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far. I received the parts from the French band for their choice, and the transpositions are interesting to say the least - Eb tubas in tranposing bass clef etc - but we'll deal with that! We generally play music that can be managed by 3rd / 4th section bands.
  10. Jan H

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    I don't know which part of France this band is from, but if they are from the north it is very likely that they are similar to the wind bands we have in Belgium and the Netherlands and they play similar music. A lot of music published for these bands (especially "older" music, from publishers like Molenaar and De Haske) includes several transposed parts, like horn parts in F and Eb and trombone, euphonium and bass tuba parts in C/Bass cleff, Bb/Tenor clef and Bb/Bass clef. So maybe this wind band has these parts as well, so you won't need to transpose
  11. David Mann

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    The French band's choice of music is from Andel Music in Ostend. What I'd like to pick for us is a piece that works for brass band with (I don't know how many yet) additional woodwind players. De Haske and Molenaar are good ideas though!
  12. hicks

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    Year of the Dragon! Your trombonist may have to fight it out with the oboe player to see who gets to do the nice solo in the slow movement though.
  13. David Mann

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    I'd love to, have happy memories of that piece! However I must refer my honourable friend to my previous statement:
    We generally play music that can be managed by 3rd / 4th section bands.:wink:
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  14. on_castors

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    Just play anything Brass band based, and make up some Clarinet parts marked Tacet - it'll save all that squealing ;-)
  15. Jan H

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    I think most of Andel's music also includes the transposed parts (of course the band must still have the parts - in my own band's library a lot of F-horn parts are missing too, because we use Eb tenor horns.
  16. David Mann

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    Not a woodwind fan then Ian?;-)
  17. Anglo Music Press

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  18. Colin Hogg

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    Try "Fanfare and Soliliquy" By Trevor Le M Sharpe. Good opener or finisher
  19. hicks

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    Anyone remember Choral and Rockout? I've played that with both brass and wind band.
  20. David Mann

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    Tempting! Tried it last summer and got some protests from the band. Wonder if it's time to have another go..